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Prepaid Travel Expense Options

Conference Registration & Other Vendor Payments

A department Procurement Card (P-Card) may be used to purchase conference registration if allowed by the department fiscal officer/business office.It is important to note that travel related expenses are normally restricted on the Pcard. However, an exception has been granted to allow the PCard to be used for conference registrations. The IU Purchasing Policies apply to these payments. For information regarding PCard policies, please see the IU Purchasing website here.

When a P-Card is used for conference registration, the expense will appear in the ewallet of the cardholder in the online travel system (Chrome River) and must be reconciled using the PCard Reconciliationreport type. The registration expense will be charged to the department account once the expense report is final approved in Chrome River. You will find detailed instructions regarding reconciling PCard expenses here.

In cases where a vendor does not accept a credit card or the payment must be submitted via a wire transfer orforeign draft, the prepaid expense can be paid using a Disbursement Voucher (DV) in KFS.

Examples of allowable travel vendor payments are as follows:

  • Prepayment of a one-night, hotel deposit
  • Conference registrations when the vendor does not accept a credit card payment
  • Payments to Travel Agencies for Group Travel

Only those users who are DV certified can submit a DV document. If you are notDV certified,a DV certified arranger or fiscal officer may submit the document on your behalf. For more information regarding DV certification, visit the Financial Management Services website here.

Detailed instructions for completing the DV document can be found here

After submitting the DV, supporting documentation must be uploaded using the FMS AP Upload Tool ( Use the 'Initial PDF paperwork submission' link under 'Disbursement Voucher (DV) Paperwork.'

Supporting documentation must include the following:

  • The DV Coversheet
  • For a one-night lodging deposit: a copy of the reservation confirmation and one-night room cost
  • For conference registration: substantiation for the registration amount either with an invoice from the conference or acopy of listed conference fees
  • For other vendor payments: an itemized invoice detailing all expenses
  • For Student Group Travel payments: a student roster must be included if the roster has been established

Airfare & Hotel



Egencia is IU's online booking tool for prepaying airfare (and lodging) expense for IU business related trips. Egencia can be used to book airfare for IU employees, students and nonemployee travelers. When the Egencia tool is used, the traveler has the option of charging the airfare expense to the IU Air Card instead of using a personal credit card. The IU Air card may be used for IU business travel only. More information regarding the Egencia program can be found here.

Designated Travel Agency
An additional option for prepaying airfare expense is by using one of IU's Designated Travel Agencies (DTA). By using a DTA for IU business travel, the airfare expense can be charged to an IU credit card so the traveler does not have to pay out of pocket. IU has negotiated agreements with several area travel agencies throughout the state of Indiana. More information regarding IU's Designated Travel Agencies, including contact information, can be found here.

In addition to airfare, Egencia is also IU's online booking tool for prepaying lodging expense for IU business travel related trips. Egenciacan be used to prepay lodging for IU employees, students and nonemployee travelers. When the Egencia tool is used, the traveler has the option of charging the lodging expense to the IU Egencia Hotel card instead of using a personal credit card. The IU Egencia Hotel card may be used for IU business travel only. More information regarding the Egencia program can be found here.

For Student Group Travel trips, lodging can be prepaid using the Vendor Payment option as detailed above. See this section for information regarding lodging payments for Student Group Travel trips.

The IU Direct Bill Hotels program can be used to direct bill hotel expenses for nonemployee travelers. You can find information regarding the IU Direct Bill Hotels program, including hotel listings, rates, amenities, etc., here.

Rental Car


When traveling for IU business, IU travelers (faculty, staff and students) can charge their rental car expense to an IU account rather than personally incurring the expense to be reimbursed after the trip using the Enterprise Campus Rental program.

In addition to the reservation details, the following information must be provided on the reservation link (provided below) in order to bill the expense to IU:

  • The traveler's IU Employee ID number
  • Billing Number: 17113781

If personal time is involved during business travel, the traveler will need to charge the rental car expense to a personal credit card and then submit receipts to be reimbursed after their trip. The traveler will be reimbursed for the business portion of the travel expense.

Click here to schedule your Enterprise Campus Rental reservation. Using this link will charge your reservation to an IU credit card.

See this page for additional information regarding the Enterprise Campus Rental Program, including details on how to reconcile the Enterprise charge within Chrome River.

Airport Transportation


Visit the Limousines and Shuttles page to find details regarding options for transportation.

Travel Advances


In prescribed circumstances, the university may provide a travel advance for IU employees and/or student travelers in the form of check or automatic bank deposit in order to minimize out-of-pocket expenses during the trip. A travel advance is not intended to pay/reimburse travel expenses in advance of a trip; therefore, every effort must be made to utilize Indiana University prepayment programs whenever possible to minimize the need for a travel advance.

Travelers may request a travel advance when the following apply:

  • IU prepayment programs cannot be utilized and;
  • the business travel is to an international destination or;
  • the traveler is conducting a Student Group Travel trip for which they are the group leader or;
  • the traveler is an IU student without the financial means to fund his/her business travel

Additional detail regarding travel advances and how to go about requesting them can be found here.

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