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Supplier FAQ


1. How do I become a contracted supplier for IU?

You will need to speak with the contract manager responsible for the products or services your company offers. Visit our Buying page for a list of products and services and their respective contract managers.

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2. How do I make contact with someone in the Purchasing Department?

Visit our Contact page for general contact information for each campus. A list of contract managers and the products and services they are responsible for can be found on our Buying page.

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3. Who has the authority to purchase goods and services?

Purchasing authority is vested in The Trustees of Indiana University and delegated through the Vice President for Finance to the Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services. By institutional policy, only authorized Indiana University personnel may commit University funds for goods and services. Many IU faculty and staff members are authorized to make purchases without the Purchasing Department's involvement up to a set dollar limit that varies by department.

Reference: Policy 4.0 - Responsibilities in Acquisition Process

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4. How do I get on a bid list?

Contact Us.

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5. Are all orders competitively bid?

Competitive bids are required for purchases exceeding $5,000.00. It is the obligation of the Purchasing Department to secure timely delivery of quality goods and services at the most cost-effective price. The Purchasing Department encourages competition while promoting ethical business practices.

Reference: Policy 5.0 - Policy on Competition

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6. How do I review bids after an order is placed?

Contact Procurement Services; bid results are only given out after the award of the contract.

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7. Why should I work with the Procurement Department?

Purchasing staff are eager to identify potential opportunities and explain the purchasing process. They will also provide advice, resources, and answers to questions about the University.

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8. What is the purchasing process?

This purchasing process is as follows:

  1. Consult with University departmental staff
  2. Contract management
  3. Solicitation of bids
  4. Awarding bids
  5. Selecting suppliers
  6. Maintaining an audit trail

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9. Does IU pay sales tax?

Only for utilities, vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft. For all other purchases, see the tax exemption form (PDF).

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10. Are parking permits available?

Yes, contact the appropriate department for your campus:

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