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Indiana University Bloomington


The overarching purpose of the Center for Applied Economics and Policy Research (CAEPR) is to enhance the intellectual environment in the Department of Economics by hosting short-term visitors to the department, bringing together faculty at IU-Bloomington who share research interests, issuing working papers by faculty and students, and sponsoring research conferences.


Visitors to the Center are invited based on their research synergies with faculty, particularly junior faculty. During the course of their visits, Center visitors will present research seminars, offer mini-courses in their areas of expertise and interact with faculty and graduate students about their research. Faculty are encouraged to propose scholars who might serve as effective visitors. All concerned IU faculty and graduate students are welcome to participate in the visitors' seminars and mini-courses and make appointments to meet with the visitors.


The Center will sponsor a working paper series, to which all related faculty and graduate students may submit papers. In addition, any former graduate student who does not have access to an announced working paper series at their current location of employment may apply to become an affiliate and, once approved, submit papers to the working paper series. Working papers will be available for download from the Center's web page. Announcements and distributions of new working papers will be made through the appropriate channels.


In conjunction with the economics department's standing workshop series, the Center will host occasional research conferences. Typically, each conference will focus tightly on a limited set of economic issues of concern to department faculty and students.