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What is Project GO?

Recognizing that officers in today's operational environments need excellent cross-cultural communication skills in order to provide effective leadership, the Department of Defense in 2007 launched 'Project GO,' a nationwide training program for ROTC students. Project GO programs in 25 universities nationwide provide instruction in critically strategic languages and cultures. Some programs take students abroad; some provide instruction exclusively in the U.S. In all cases, a Project GO scholarship fully covers the cost of participation.

What Does Project GO Provide at IU?

Project GO at IU provides a year's worth of summer intensive training and 8 college credits in:

What Does Project GO Provide?

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Housing and Meal Allowance
  • Round-Trip Travel to Indiana University
  • Books and materials
  • Insurance
  • Recreation Center Access
  • Public Transit Access
  • Federal Language Proficiency Testing and Certification
  • In some cases, DLPT testing

What Does Project GO not Cover?

  • Parking
  • Personal spending money
  • Credit transfer fees
  • Other fees charged by your home institution

Who is Eligible for Project GO at IU?

  • Any ROTC student in any service
    • Including newly commissioned officers not yet activated
    • Including Green-to-Gold participants
  • Any ROTC student in any college or university (not just IU students)
  • Contracted or not contracted students are eligible
  • Incoming IU freshmen enrolled in Fall 2018 ROTC courses
  • For eligibility details, see Project GO's elibility page.

How Do I Apply?

Find out more and apply before February 20, 2018 at the Project GO website.

Project GO

IU Project GO is funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office and is administered through the Institute for International Education. All terms and conditions related to the scholarships will be outlined in a formal scholarship offer letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project GO?

Project GO (Global Officers) is a collaborative initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities through language study scholarships for ROTC students. The US military needs future military officers who possess the cross-cultural communication skills required for effective leadership in the 21st Century operational environment.

Project GO is funded by the Department of Defense through the Defense Language National Security Education Office (DLNSEO). Federal funds pass from DLNSEO to the Institute of International Education, which administers the Project GO institutional grants. On behalf of the federal government, IIE has awarded a Project GO grant to Indiana University.

Will late applications be accepted?

Late applications may be accepted pending funding availability. Applicants should contact the IU Project GO coordinator after March 16 for information on available funding.

What are the benefits of doing a Project GO summer study at Indiana University?

There are many benefits to participate in Project GO language programs, including:

  • Earn an entire academic year worth of (transferable) IU credits in one summer
  • Learn a new language or improve proficiency
  • Gain access to funding for study abroad
  • Qualify for language incentive pay (consult your service language policies)
  • Access unique career & leadership opportunities
  • No additional service commitment

What languages are considered "critical?"

The U.S. Government has designated some languages as "critical" because the national need for trained speakers in those languages exceeds the number of available speakers. These languages are also critical for U.S. national security and economic competitiveness.

Nationally, Project GO supports programs & students of the following critical languages: Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Persian (Dari, Farsi, Tajik), Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu, and Uzbek.

In 2018, the Summer Language Workshop and IU Project GO will offer scholarships for Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Russian, and Turkish.

Students interested in languages not offered through IU Project GO should consider other Project GO programs.

Would participation in Project GO extend my service commitment?

No, participation in a summer language program on a Project GO scholarship does not require any additional service commitments nor will it adversely affect your ROTC scholarship in any way.

Is Project GO part of CULP (Army)?

No, Project GO is not associated with CULP. Project GO funded summer studies can be done in addition to other summer service-specific training and deployments.

Are there options for funding study abroad during the semester?

Yes, ROTC students are eligible to apply for The Boren Awards for International Study. Please visit for more information.