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IU Language Training Center

Language Training Centers (LTC) are an initiative of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) to develop expertise in critical languages, cultures and strategic regions for DOD personnel.

DLSNEO anticipates the LTCs will provide new opportunities to meet total force language training needs — enabling the DOD workforce to be better prepared and equipped with the language, cultural, and regional expertise necessary for foreign nation cooperation and operations.

DLNSEO will cover the cost of tuition, fees, and lodging; however, the services must pay per diem and travel.

Language Options

Arabic courses are offered for 5 or 9 weeks from May 28 — July 26, 2013, and Russian courses are offered for 4 or 8 weeks from June 3 — July 26, 2013 (4 and 5-week courses end June 28, 2013). Requests for other languages or program lengths should be discussed in advance with IU LTC staff.

Classes run daily with approximately 4-5 hours of instruction and 3-4 hours of homework. For Russian, students will have dedicated instructors for phonetics, listening, and conversation in addition to a main instructor.

Outside of the classroom, students will participate in twice weekly language tables and extracurricular activities (lectures, films, newspapers, radio, choir, etc) in the target language.

Participants will receive 3-10 IU credits for the classroom training depending on the length of program and the language. These credits can be at the graduate or undergraduate level.


Campus housing is in dorm-style suites with private bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Housing is organized around the languages, and instructors will live on these floors.

Participants will have access to shared kitchens, fitness facilities, computer labs, printing, and campus and city bus lines.

Meal plans are available for purchase from the university. Refer the 2012 summer meal plan options for a cost estimate. All meal plans use a currency called I-BUCKS as part of a declining balance system. Cream meal plan holders receive a 60% discount off posted cash prices and do not pay sales tax.

Registration Process

Interested participants must first seek command approval. To register:

  1. Complete the online SWSEEL application. (LTC applicants are not required to complete the essay prompts but should note "SWSEEL LTC" in those fields.)
  2. Applicants with an undergraduate degree must complete the online Graduate Application to be entered as a non-degree seeking graduate student in the IU system.
    • Academic program: "SWSEEL Graduate Program"
    • Academic plan: "SWSEEL Workshop"
    • When do you wish to enroll: "Summer 2013"
    • Select "Second Session"
    • You do not need to submit GRE scores, a personal statement, resume or writing sample
    • There is NO FEE for this application; however, you need to check all required boxes on the Affirmation Statement page
  3. Applicants eligible to receive undergraduate credit should submit proof of a high school diploma/GED or a current undergraduate transcript.
  4. Applicants eligible to receive graduate credit should submit a transcript showing proof of an undergraduate degree (in addition to Step 2).
  5. Personnel registering for a 4 or 5 week course should leave a comment in the "Final Notes" section of the SWSEEL registration if they are interested in potentially extending to a longer course.

Transcripts should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Attn: Mitchell Farmer
Indiana University
1217 E Atwater Ave
Bloomington, IN 47401-3703