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Welcome - أهلاً وسهلاً

Time on Task!

It just takes time and consistent effort to learn Arabic. By strengthening your understanding of Arabic grammar and spending even 15 minutes a day reading and listening to authentic Arabic sources (whether music, movies, news or books), you will see a huge improvement in your understanding of the language. Find materials in Arabic that are interesting to you and spend some time on them each day.

The pages listed to the side are resources that you can access at any point. I would recommend you explore them all to see just some of the many language learning materials available on the web and to select ones that you would like to use to supplement your studies. The grammar resources, along with the language modules should be the foundation of your studies. I recommend you spend at least an hour a day studying from the language modules (see below) and the grammar resources. Then, spend some time working on developing your listening skills.

The Language Modules listed and described below were developed using authentic materials to help independent learners improve their foreign language skills. Follow the guidance below as you select and work through some of the language modules.

Language Module

Choose a language module that interests you from among DLI's GLOSS modules.

What level should I choose?

There are over 480 lessons to choose from in Arabic, ranging from level 1 to 3. (The Lesson Repository has more lessons in the 3+/4 range).If you don't know your level, and you've had about a year of Arabic, start with a 1+ level. If it is too easy, choose one from level 2 instead, or try level 1 if 1+ is a bit too challenging.

You can quickly see whether the level is appropriate for you by clicking on the "Source" button and listening to the transcript. You shouldn't know all the words of course, but you should be able to get the general idea before beginning the exercise.

How long will it take?

When you have selected one that interests you and won't discourage you from the level of difficulty, begin working through the exercises. Each GLOSS will probably take a minimum of 30 minutes, but could take a bit longer. Don't spend more than an hour and a half on any one exercise. You will probably get more out of your study by moving on to a different module.

Do I have to do every exercise in the module?

If you find you understand the material well, and the grammar of the text, don't spend too much time with it. Use your time efficiently and move on to another exercise.

What is the best way to work through the modules?

I recommend that you first listen to the source material to see how much you understand and to compare it with what you understand after going through the exercises. After going through the exercises, listen to the source material again. If you don't understand everything, be sure to read the source material in Arabic (if you haven't already) and the translation for parts you don't understand. Listen to it again and see if you understand it all now. Often times just listening to a passage multiple times will allow you to understand more and improve your listening skills. Reading the passages out loud will also help you improve.

Working on Your Reading and Pronunciation

Try recording yourself and listen to what you sound like. You don't have to read the whole passage. Even if you read a few sentences at a time and try to work on sounding like the native speaker, this will help you improve your reading skills and help you improve your pronunciation.

Free software for recording and editing sounds:

What should I do if I don't understand the grammar?

If there are parts of grammar that you don't understand from the passage, make sure you go through the exercises and click on the buttons that provide hints, tips or feedback. Most of them give useful information about the grammar found in the passages. If you still don't understand the grammar, try consulting the grammar resources, or ask your tutor, teacher or mentor. I've included links to major grammar points used in the Gloss activities below. Reading those sections on grammar will hopefully whet your appetite to want to study the grammar more and will greatly benefit your Arabic. The best grammar resource I am aware of that is available completely online now is the site dedicated to the DLI grammar book "All The Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around". I recommend you read the material from the site, but download the pdf version of the book so you can complete the exercises and compare your answers with the answer key.

Suggested Modules

Along with each module is a link to Quizlet flashcards and supplementary grammar lessons. If you click on the Quizlet link, you can be added to the Langauge Training Center Arabic Class, where you will find all the lists of Quizlet vocabulary I have created or added to the class for your benefit.

A Family in Yemen (Level 1)

Arabic Job Vocabulary Video
Grammar Point From This Lesson: The Accusative Case

A Raid Operation Conducted by Soldiers (Level 1+)

Grammar Point from this Lesson: The Verb كان

Contemporary Egyptian Movie Reviews (Level 2)

Grammar Point from this Lesson: Verbal Nouns
Supplemental list of Measure 1 Verbal Nouns from book Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
Verbal Noun Flashcards:

Dengue Fever (Level 2)

Grammar Lesson: Important Words No One Ever Learns
This grammar lesson is pretty long, but it is not difficult. Just take your time and read through it, making sure you understand the points it covers. It is an extremely beneficial lesson, so take advantage of it!

Weightlifting... On the Head (2+)

Grammar Point: Broken Plurals
Broken Plural flashcards:

Other Language Modules Available Online

The website "Read Arabic" - which directs you to Langnet - has language modules from the University of Maryland. They range from beginner to intermediate (0 to 2+) although most of them are lower level. They have 5 to 6 activities, and have a passage you can read, as well as listen to and it provides a full, side-by-side translation as well.

FAOWeb Advanced Arabic Language Modules

If you are up for a challenge, the Advanced Arabic Language Modules on FAOWeb (which requires you have a FAO login name and password) can be done in any order and are supposed to take around 4 - 6 hours. They are designed to help students achieve a 2+/3 level. They are organized like DLI's GLOSS modules and have all the written text in both Arabic and English. There are questions to test comprehension and sample answers to check your responses against. They also have a long list of vocabulary that can be accessed from any point in the lesson.