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Recommended Grammar

Two important parts of grammar that students of all levels can benefit from reviewing more are:
1) The idaafa (genitive construct or way of showing possession in Arabic), and
2) The 10 Measures (go to Verb Measures page)

The Idaafa

There are a number of explanations for the idaafa available to you:
1) An excellent Arabic grammar book has been made into a website, and it has a nice explanation of the idaafa:
2) This site provides another explanation along with more examples.
If you want more, the following video tutorials are available on youtube:
3) This video explains the basic rules of the idaafa:
4) This video explains the difference between an idaafa and a noun-adjective phrase:
5) DLI has a video explanation of the idaafa:
6) A high school Arabic teacher's blog also has a brief explanation:
7) AlKitaab Book 1 also has an explanation of the idaafa in Chapter 3 (page 41 in the second edition).
8) A short quiz you can take to see if you can correctly distinguish between an idaafa and a noun-adjective phrase:

Grammar Resources

All the Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around

I highly recommend the grammar book "All the Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around". It is designed for the average language learner and uses simple, everyday language to explain Arabic grammar. A pdf copy of it can be downloaded from the following website: or you can access it completely online through this site: (this website does not include the exercises that are in the pdf copy of the book).

I recommend that you:
- Read the introduction and the table of contents to see what the book covers.
- If you have specific questions on a point of grammar, you can use the table of contents to see what section it is located it, then use the bookmark tabs to quickly jump to the section you need. If you are using the website, the topics covered are listed on the right side of the page.
- It is also beneficial as an independent study textbook with lessons that build on each other and exercises to test your understanding, followed by answer keys.

DLI Grammar Videos and PDF pages:

DLI has a variety of useful grammar videos, and pdf documents on their site:

Here is a list of the downloadable video lessons currently provided on the DLI website:

Arabic Adjectival Qualification Part I
Arabic Adjectival Qualification Part II
Arabic Adjectival Qualification Part III
Arabic Annexation Structure (Idafa) إضافة
Arabic Relative Pronouns
Conditional with Lao (if) لو
Imperative in Arabic - Part I (Commands) فِعْل الأَمر
Imperative in Arabic - Part II (Commands) فِعْل الأَمر
Independent Personal Pronouns (I, you, he, she, they, etc)
Kabla/ Ba'da "before - after" قبل و بعد
Kana and Its Sisters كان و أخواتها
Negation In Arabic (Part I)
Negation In Arabic (Part II)
Passive Voice Forms of Measure I and II Verbs
Subject Verb Agreement Part I
Subject Verb Agreement Part II
Subject Verb Agreement Part III
Suffix Personal Pronouns (mine, yours, his, theirs, etc)
The Conditional Sentence with Etha إذا
The Nominal Sentence

Arabic Desert Sky

This site has a well organized list of grammar lessons you can read through on your own to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge of Arabic grammar. It's a nice, straightforward, well-organized list of grammar subjects. Browse through them and read the ones that you feel will be most beneficial to boosting your Arabic.

Arabic Grammar Quizzes

The grammar in these quizzes are pretty basic, but they may be helpful to you. If you struggle with remembering the Arabic term for a grammar word, or vice versa, some of these games can help you out.

Here is a fairly comprehensive Arabic grammar website. The ads are a bit annoying, but the information is useful.

101 Arabic Grammar Rules

101 Arabic Grammar Rules for Beginning and Intermediate Arabic students - you can download it as pdf or doc (and view it online).