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My Journey to TURKISH

Merhaba! Welcome to Indiana University's STARTALK summer camp for Turkish!

We're glad you're here, and we look forward to meeting you this summer. In the meantime, use this page to learn more about your Journey to Turkish!

STARTALK is a national program designed to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning and speaking critical-need foreign languages. STARTALK provides creative and engaging summer experiences for top-tier students. STARTALK selects host institutions very carefully. Only institutions exemplifying best practices in language education can provide STARTALK programs, so STARTALK is a fantastic way for students to experience a new language in a safe, well-organized, authentic environment.

"My Journey to Turkish" is a 3-week, residential Turkish language program for students from across the United States.

The program is run by faculty and staff from Indiana University's Turkish Flagship Program, a national initiative aimed at producing exceptionally fluent undergraduate speakers of Turkish, and its Summer Language Workshop, a summer training program for critical needs languages.

My Journey students live in dorms with program staff, participate in daily classes and extracurricilar activities, and work with students living abroad, all in Turkish. They also meet with academic advisors and study-abroad coordinators to help them plot out their college and career plans.

"My Journey to Turkish" is a highly interactive, hands-on approach to language, with a strong focus on real-life learning.

From day one, students speak only Turkish in class, in the dorms, and at meals. Staff work with them intensely in the first day to make this possible.

From day two, students begin working in video groups with Turkish-speaking college students, teachers, peers, and host families from the Baku Turkish overseas Flagship program. Many STARTALK students cite their online exerpience performing real tasks in real situations with American students who are studying abroad as one of the best parts of the program.

Students spend four hours a day in class, then have activities in Turkish in the afternoons and evenings.

After week two, students travel with their instructors, staff, and local Turkish community representatives to the Bradford Woods Retreat Center for a weekend intensive, real-life experience of living in a Turkish family. With games, cooking and music lessons, and sports, the retreat is another favorite aspect of the program.

By the end of the program, students will be prepared to function in a Turkish-speaking environment and will understand day-to-day Turkish family culture.

June 11 - 29, 2018

"My Journey to Turkish" begins on Monday, June 11. Students arrive in Indianapolis on June 9 and 10 and return home on Saturday, June 30.

"My Journey to Turkish" is open to any U.S. high-school student. Students from outside Indiana are welcome. The program will provide round-trip travel from any point in the continental United States for all accepted students .

Contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Students live in gender-segregated, Turkish-only sections of an IU dorm, together with a Turkish-speaking Resident Assistant, who also assists with activity planning and tutoring.

Housing is provided by STARTALK and arranged by the IU My Journey to Turkish staff.

Students receive a full meal plan and eat together with their Resident Assistants, instructors, and other guests, all in Turkish, of course.


STARTALK provides round-trip travel from the continental U.S. to Indianapolis for all accepted students.

IU My Journey staff provide shuttle service to the Bloomington campus and the STARTALK dorm.

Fees and Registration

STARTALK covers IU fees for all accepted students.

STARTALK provides books and materials for all accepted students.

STARTALK does not provide personal spending money.

Housing and Meals

STARTALK provides dorm housing and meals for all accepted students.

Write to us at or call (812) 855-2889 for more information.

My Journey to Turkish is contingent upon funding and enrollment.