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Russian Language Course Details
June 5 - July 28, 2017

Russian Curriculum

Each week in Levels 1-8, students have 15 contact hours with a main instructor, 2 hours of dedicated instruction in phonetics, 2 hours of dedicated listening instruction, and 4 hours of dedicated conversation class.

In Level 9, students have 16 hours with a main instructor, 4 hours of dedicated conversation instruction, and participate in a 2 hour media seminar in Russian each week.

The co-curricular Russian program features weekly lectures and films in Russian, a media seminar (open to all students capable of following and participating), Russian table for lunch, and clubs and special interest groups. Students also participate in the Workshop’s rich co-curricular program.

Students with previous Russian language experience may be required to take a placement exam. Study guides and sustainment materials are available in the Summer Language Workshop's language sustainment portal.

Qualified students of Russian are eligible to apply for Title VIII, Project GO, and FLAS funding.


All courses are contingent upon enrollment. For questions concerning the registration process, contact the Workshop by email or at 812-855-2889.

Course (SLAV) Undergraduate Graduate Description
Level 1 8 (N-111, N-112) 6 (N-511, N-512) Elementary I, Elementary II ("First Year")
Level 2 8 (N-122, N-221) 6 (N-521, N-522) Elementary II, Intermediate I
Level 3 8 (N-231, N-232) 6 (N-531, N-532) Intermediate I, Intermediate II ("Second Year")
Level 4 8 (N-242, N-341) 6 (N-541, N-542) Intermediate II, Advanced Intermediate I
Level 5 8 (N-351, N-352) 6 (N-551, N-552) Advanced Intermediate I, Advanced Intermediate II ("Third Year")
Level 6 8 (N-362, N-461) 6 (N-561, N-562) Advanced Intermediate II, Advanced I
Level 7 8 (N-471, N-472) 6 (N-571, N-572) Advanced I, Advanced II ("Fourth Year")
Level 8 8 (N-481, N-482) 6 (N-581, N-582) Fifth Year I, Fifth Year II
Level 9 8 (N-491, N-492) 6 (N-691, N-692) Advanced Contemporary Russian through Sociolinguistics and Cultural Studies

About Russian

Do I need previous background in Russian in order to participate in the Workshop?

Students may begin studying in the Level 1 course with no previous experience with the Russian language. Students applying for Levels 2-9 will be required to complete a placement exam to qualify for the course.

How can I continue my study of Russian beyond the Workshop?

Students may be eligible to apply for study abroad opportunities with federal funding, such as the Critical Language Scholarship and Boren Awards. Russian is offered during the academic year at Indiana University through the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures.

What do alumni say about the Russian program?

For a student perspective, please see the Russian program articles in the Summer 2014, Summer 2015, and Summer 2016 issues of The Polyglot, the Workshop's alumni newsletter. Other articles are available about the Russian radio show, drama club, and media seminar.