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Russian Language Course Details

Russian Curriculum

Undergraduate students in the Russian program earn 8 credits, and graduate students earn 6 credits. Each week in Levels 1-8, students have 15 contact hours with a main instructor, 2 hours of dedicated instruction in phonetics, 2 hours of dedicated listening instruction, and 4 hours of dedicated conversation class.

In Level 9, students have 16 hours with a main instructor, 4 hours of dedicated conversation instruction, and participate in a 2 hour media seminar in Russian each week.

The co-curricular Russian program features weekly lectures and films in Russian, a media seminar (open to all students capable of following and participating), twice-weekly Russian table for lunch, and clubs and special interest groups - including a Russian radio broadcast hosted by Workshop students.

Qualified students of Russian are eligible to apply for Title VIII, Project GO, and FLAS funding. The application deadline for priority funding consideration is February 1, 2016.

Course Dates

Course Dates
Levels 1-9 (4 Weeks) June 6 - July 1, 2016
Levels 1-9 (8 Weeks) June 6 - July 29, 2016


Course Undergraduate Graduate
Levels 1-9 (4 weeks) 4 3
Levels 1-9 (8 weeks) 8 6


All courses are contingent upon enrollment. For questions concerning the registration process, contact the Workshop by email or at 812-855-2889.

Course (SLAV) Undergraduate Graduate Description
Level 1 N-111, N-112 N-511, N-512 Elementary I, Elementary II ("First Year")
Level 2 N-122, N-221 N-521, N-522 Elementary II, Intermediate I
Level 3 N-231, N-232 N-531, N-532 Intermediate I, Intermediate II ("Second Year")
Level 4 N-242, N-341 N-541, N-542 Intermediate II, Advanced Intermediate I
Level 5 N-351, N-352 N-551, N-552 Advanced Intermediate I, Advanced Intermediate II ("Third Year")
Level 6 N-362, N-461 N-561, N-562 Advanced Intermediate II, Advanced I
Level 7 N-471, N-472 N-571, N-572 Advanced I, Advanced II ("Fourth Year")
Level 8 N-481, N-482 N-581, N-582 Fifth Year I, Fifth Year II
Level 9 N-491, N-492 N-691, N-692 Advanced Contemporary Russian through Sociolinguistics and Cultural Studies

Placement Exam

The Russian placement test is administered in early April. Students who are not currently enrolled in Russian language classes can elect to take the test earlier by contacting the Workshop.

Students will receive an email request to submit the name and contact information for the faculty member or school administrator who is willing to act as a proctor. The student is responsible for arranging a date and time for testing with the proctor. The proctor will receive the test from the Workshop together with instructions for returning it for evaluation.

Students will be contacted individually with their results. On occasion, the Workshop director will contact students for additional information to assist with most accurately placing students into the level in which they will be most appropriately challenged.

Indiana University students currently enrolled in SLAV Russian language courses (except R491/492) will not need to take the placement test. Indiana University students not currently enrolled in SLAV Russian language courses will be contacted about taking the test on campus.

Course Materials

Study guides and sustainment materials are available in the Summer Language Workshop's language sustainment portal.

Course Textbook
Level 1 TBA
Level 2 TBA
Level 3 TBA
Level 4 TBA
Level 5 TBA
Level 6 TBA
Level 7 TBA
Level 8 TBA
Level 9 Information distributed in class

Course textbook assignments are subject to change prior to May 2016.