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Estimated 2018 Tuition & Fees

All participants in the Workshop pay in-state tuition rates. The tuition rates for summer 2018 are set by the Indiana University Office of the Bursar.

The cost-per-credit-hour for:

  • An undergraduate student or a pre-college student who is not an Indiana resident: $283.92
  • A graduate student or non-student with an undergraduate degree: $362.30

Included below is a cost estimate (based on 2017 rates) for studying each language at the undergraduate and graduate level. This guide is a reference and may not reflect the actual cost of attendance, which is subject to change by the action of the IU Board of Trustees.

Cost Estimate for Pre-College and Undergraduate Students

Credit Hours Cost per Credit Hour Fees Total
Russian 4-week 4 $283.92 $563.45 $1699.13
6 credit course 6 $283.92 $652.68 $2356.20
8 credit course 8 $283.92 $652.68 $2924.04
10 credit course 10 $283.92 $652.68 $3491.88

Cost Estimate for Graduate or Non-student with Undergraduate Degree

Credit Hours Cost per Credit Hour Fees Total
2 credit course 2 $362.30 $350.63 $1075.23
Russian 4-week 3 $362.30 $350.63 $1437.53
4 credit course 4 $362.30 $563.45 $2012.65
6 credit course 6 $362.30 $652.68 $2826.48

Fees Explained

Workshop fees are subject to change by the action of the IU Board of Trustees. Please refer to the IU Office of the Bursar Rates and Policies for official tuition and fee information.

All students pay a $150 non-refundable administrative fee to the Workshop.

All students pay miscellaneous university fees (technology, health, activity, etc.) set by the university.

Please note that the health service fee allows you to use the Health Center at a discounted rate, but it does not include health insurance.

International students must pay a $65 application fee to the Office of International Admissions for processing their visa applications, which is not included in the fee calculation.