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Title VIII Fellowships

The Title VIII Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union is administered by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) at the U.S. Department of State. The mission of INR is to ensure that timely, independent analysis informs foreign policy decisions and that intelligence support U.S. foreign policy.

The goals and objections of the Title VIII Program include:

  • To develop and maintain high-quality research and training programs critical to the national security of the United States and
  • To support and sustain American expertise on the countries of Eastern Europe and the independent states of the former Soviet Union
    • 1. for U.S. national interests in the conduct of foreign relations, and the prudent management of U.S. domestic affairs.
    • 2. through language training and/or comprehensive research opportunities focused on foreign policy-relevant topics.

Title VIII Fellowships for Study in the Summer Language Workshop:

Competitively awarded Title VIII Fellowships are available through the Summer Language Workshop to U.S. graduate students, area specialists, and scholars to pursue their language and culture studies in Workshop languages including Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, and Ukrainian in summer 2018.

Applicants in Russian must have completed at least two years of formal study of the language and must place at least into Year 3 on the Russian placement exam or have completed SLAV-R 202 in the Spring 2018 semester at Indiana University; those in the languages of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus need no prior study to be eligible.

To be eligible, applicants:

  • Must be U.S. citizens.
  • Graduate students must demonstrate they are in good academic standing. Undergraduate students are not eligible for Title VIII funding.
  • All applicants must demonstrate commitment to continued study of or work related to the region of the language studied.

The priority application deadline for the Title VIII fellowships is February 2, with decisions made by early March. Fellowship assistance is available only to students in the 8-week session of the 2018 Summer Language Workshop.

If you wish to apply for a Title VIII fellowship, you must check the appropriate box on the online Summer Language Workshop application and complete the additional Title VIII funding application.

Portable Title VIII Fellowships for Study Abroad:

Graduate students, area studies specialists, and scholars are eligible to apply for funding for the overseas study of Azerbaijani, BCS, Czech, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, and Uzbek at levels higher than those offered in the Summer Language Workshop’s 2018 domestic program.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

To apply, complete the Title VIII Portable application — additional information will be provided after receipt of application.

Funding for all Title VIII fellowships is provided through the Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Office of Outreach Title VIII Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and Eurasia (Independent States of the Former Soviet Union).