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Fellowships & Scholarships

Title VIII Fellowships

Title VIII fellowships fund graduate students, area studies specialists and others with a Bachelor's degree for study of Azerbaijani, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Estonian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Russian (at the 3rd year or higher), and Ukrainian in the Summer Language Workshop.

Title VIII Portable fellowships fund graduate students, area studies specialists and others with a Bachelor's degree for study abroad of Azerbaijani, BCS, Czech, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, and Uzbek at levels higher than those offered in the Summer Language Workshop’s 2017 domestic program.

IU Project GO (ROTC Only)

IU Project GO scholarships fund Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Option ROTC students for select Workshop languages.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships fund graduate students for many Workshop languages. For Russian, graduate students must be at the 2nd year of study or higher. Undergraduate students are eligible for FLAS support at the intermediate level of specific languages and at the 3rd year or higher for Russian.

Russian and East European Institute Summer Russian Scholarship

The REEI Summer Russian Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program
  2. Currently enrolled in a course of Russian language study at an institute of higher education
  3. Enrolled in an 8-week course of study in Russian at the IU Summer Language Workshop
  4. Child of parents/guardians who have not received an education degree beyond a high school diploma or GED

The scholarship will provide at least $2500 to be used for tuition, fees, or living expenses. The application is available online.

Deadline for applications: March 31, 2017

Questions may be addressed to Mark Trotter, Assistant Director REEI (812-856-5247).

Russian Studies Workshop Summer Russian Study Fellowship

The Russian Studies Workshop at Indiana University Summer Russian Study Fellowship provides $6500 to cover tuition/mandatory fees (approximately $3000), and living costs to eligible students who enroll in a 6-credit graduate Russian course in the IU Summer Language Workshop during the Summer 2017 session. Funding for the RSW is provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and administered through the IU Russian and Eastern European Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out a separate application for fellowships?

Beginning in 2014, students will need to apply for the FLAS through the IU FLAS application in addition to the Workshop application. See to apply.

Please indicate on your Workshop application that you have applied for FLAS.

When will I be notified if I have received a fellowship?

Notification will be made approximately three weeks after the February 1 deadline to the first group of fellowship recipients.

Additional fellowship offers are made throughout March, April, and May due to the fact that: 1) some recipients decline fellowship offers; and 2) funds become available from other FLAS Centers.

If I receive a letter that I am an "alternate," how likely is it that I will receive a fellowship?

An "alternate" is the next person to receive a fellowship award if more funding becomes available from other FLAS Centers, or if a fellowship recipient declines a fellowship offer.

If you receive an alternate letter in March or April, there is a strong chance that you will receive a fellowship award.

Am I eligible to apply for a FLAS for 1st or 2nd year Russian?

The beginning levels of Russian (levels 1-3, or 1st and 2nd year Russian) are lowest priority for fellowship allocations for FLAS according to the guidelines established by the organization funding this award (the U.S. Department of Education).

Undergraduates will be considered for FLAS only at level 5 (3rd year Russian) or above. Graduate students may be considered for FLAS awards at levels 2 (for 1st/2nd year Russian) or above. We normally do not have our fellowship committee read applications at the level 1 with the exception of applications for First-Year Russian (Level 1) from students enrolled in professional degree programs (i.e. Business, Engineering, Medicine, etc.).

Please let us know if you believe you are eligible to apply for FLAS for Russian Level 1. If you do not qualify for an exception, please be advised that your chances of receiving a fellowship are not great. In most years, we expend our entire fellowship budget without making any awards to beginning level Russian students.

Only when we have received extra fellowship funding very late in the process (after the workshop has already begun) have students at that level been supported. If you believe you do qualify for the exception, please contact the Assistant Director of the Russian and East European Institute, Mark Trotter at

If I receive a fellowship do I need to pay the $150 application/administrative fee? When is the $150 administrative fee due?

Every Summer Language Workshop participant must pay the $150 application/administrative fee, regardless of whether he/she received or is expected to receive a fellowship.

Once you have been accepted to the Summer Language Workshop, you will receive instructions as to how to pay the fee online. This fee covers administrative costs and reserves your space in the Workshop.

The fee must be paid before you can be registered in your courses. Contact the Title VI Center that is granting your FLAS about being reimbursed for the Workshop fee.

Can the same transcripts be used for my Workshop application as well as my FLAS applications or applications for graduate study in other departments at IU?

Yes. Students must inform our office that they have applied for FLAS at IU so we can arrange to receive copies of these documents from the other IU program.

If you have not applied elsewhere at IU, send only one set of supporting documents (transcripts, letters) to:

Indiana University Summer Language Workshop
355 North Jordan Avenue
Global and International Studies Building
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105

Please inform the Summer Language Workshop staff if you have applied for graduate admissions to another program at IU or have applied for a FLAS through a different unit at IU so we can arrange to receive copies of your transcripts from those units.

What kind of transcripts are necessary?

If you are an IU student, Workshop staff will retrieve your transcripts from the Registrar. You do not need submit transcripts yourself.

Students from other institutions are required to send official transcripts to:

Indiana University Summer Language Workshop
355 North Jordan Avenue
Global and International Studies Building
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105

Graduate students should send both graduate and undergraduate transcripts.

Do I have to live in campus housing?

On-campus housing is an option for all participants, but you are not required to live on-campus unless specified by your source of funding. If you would like to live on-campus during the Workshop, be sure to indicate that you would like to receive information regarding on-campus housing options on your application.