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Faculty & Staff

Workshop Faculty: 2016

The Summer Language Workshop hosts a wide array of highly qualified faculty and language instructors from all over the world, who help students excel in their language study.

The enthusiasm, commitment and strong pedagogical skills of our faculty make the Summer Workshop one of the best intensive language programs in the United States.

Noor Abo Mokh Noor Abo Mokh
Arabic Level 1
Basem Al-Raba'a Basem Al-Raba'a
Arabic Level 2
Shadi Bayadsy Shadi Bayadsy
Arabic Level 3
Katherine Berry
Russian Level 1
Ashley Bisutti
Arabic Level 1
Bethany Braley Bethany Braley
Russian Level 4
Vania Castro
Ying-Sin Chen Ying-Sin Chen
Chinese Conversation
Tzu-I Chiang Tzu-I Chiang
Dalia Cidzikaite
Irina Dolgaleva
Russian Level 8
Elena Doludenko Elena Doludenko
Russian Level 7
Zeynep Elbasan-Bozdogan Zeynep Elbasan-Bozdogan
Turkish Level 2
Amanda Fisher Amanda Fisher
Russian Level 2
Teuta Ismaili
Georgy Khabarovskiy Georgy Khabarovskiy
Russian Conversation
Haidar Khezri Haidar Khezri
Piibi-Kai Kivik
Nicholas Kontovas Nicholas Kontovas
Turkish Level 1
Tserenchunt Legden Tserenchunt Legden
Olga Makarova Olga Makarova
Russian Level 5
Matthew Mangold
Russian Level 3
Natalia Matskevich-Levin
Russian Phonetics & Conversation
David McVey
Russian Listening
Svitlana Melnyk Svitlana Melnyk
Narges Nematollahi
Brian Oches Brian Oches
Russian Level 1
Dmitry Romashov
Russian Conversation
Anna Sharogradskaya Anna Sharogradskaya
Russian Level 9
Ala Simonchyk Ala Simonchyk
Russian Phonetics
Mark Trotter Mark Trotter
Russian Listening
Veronika Trotter Veronika Trotter
Russian Conversation
Vafa Yunusova
Yelena Zotova Yelena Zotova
Russian Level 6

Workshop Staff

Dr. Maria Shardakova
Interim Director
Olga Bueva
Assistant Director
Amy Richardson
Outreach & IU Project GO Coordinator
Email IU Project GO
Delia Igo
Program Administrator