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Workshop Staff

Kathleen Evans

Kathleen Evans

Kathleen Evans directs the Summer Language Workshop. Prior to joining the Workshop, she spent a decade directing the Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute. Kathleen lived and worked in private industry in Moscow for several years and holds a PhD in linguistics from the University of Michigan.

Andy Findley, PhD
Associate Director

Andy Findley joined the Summer Language Workshop as Associate Director in 2018, after several years working as a professor of art history. He has studied, researched, and taught internationally, especially in the Islamic world. He holds a PhD in Art History and Archaeology from Washington University in St. Louis and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan.

Amy Richardson
Outreach & IU Project GO Coordinator

Amy Richardson joined the Summer Language Workshop in 2015, after having previously collaborated with the Workshop through her work with IU's Language Flagship Programs. She received her BA from IU in East Asian Languages and Cultures and Anthropology.

Lorin Rommel
Program Assistant

With over 20 years of experience in program management and student services in Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and in the Monroe County YMCA, Lorin Rommel manages the nuts and bolts of the Workshop. When she is not working with students or faculty, she spends time with her husband and two children or on the tennis court with friends from IU.

Workshop Faculty: 2018

The Summer Language Workshop hosts a wide array of highly qualified faculty and language instructors from all over the world, who help students excel in their language study.

The enthusiasm, commitment and strong pedagogical skills of our faculty make the Summer Workshop one of the best intensive language programs in the United States.

The 2018 faculty roster will be announced in the spring.

Ashley Bisutti Ashley Bisutti
Arabic Level 2
Arabic Section Head
Mohammed Al-Ameri Mohammed Al-Ameri
Arabic Level 1
Inas Nassar
Arabic Level 2
Instructor TBA
Arabic Level 2
Attia Youseif Attia Youseif
Arabic Level 3
Teuta Ismaili Teuta Ismaili
Andy Olson Andy Olson
Chinese Level 1
Xiaoying Ding Xiaoying Ding
Chinese Level 2
Tiao-Guan Huang Tiao-Guan Huang
Chinese Level 2
Yanting Li Yanting Li
Chinese Level 2
Instructor TBA
Chinese Level 3
Chuan-Hui Weng Chuan-Hui Weng
Chinese Section Head
Instructor Liina-Ly Roos
Ekaterine Sekhniashvili Ekaterine Sekhniashvili
David Tezil David Tezil
Haitian Creole
Valeria Varga Valeria Varga
Instructor TBA
Jung-Eun Choi Jung-Eun Choi
Weejeong Jeong Weejeong Jeong
Haidar Khezri Haidar Khezri
Kurdish Level 2
Instructor TBA
Dalia Cidzikaite Dalia Cidzikaite
Tserenchunt Legden Tserenchunt Legden
Rahman Arman Rahman Arman
Narges Nematollahi Narges Nematollahi
Ani Abrahamyan Ani Abrahamyan
Russian Level 1
Megan Luttrell Megan Luttrell
Russian Level 1
Natalya Matskievich-Levin Natalya Matskievich-Levin
Russian Level 2
David McVey David McVey
Russian Level 2
Elena Doludenko Elena Doludenko
Russian Level 3
Anna Karpusheva Anna Karpusheva
Russian Level 3
Marina Tsylina Marina Tsylina
Russian Level 4
Irina Dolgaleva Irina Dolgaleva
Russian Level 5
Anna Sharogradskaia Anna Sharogradskaia
Russian Level 6
Maria Shardakova Maria Shardakova
Russian Section Head
Susan Kavaya Susan Kavaya
Sibel Crum Sibel Crum
Turkish Level 1
Ahmet Okal Ahmet Okal
Turkish Level 2
Svitlana Melnyk Svitlana Melnyk