Solution for Minitab installation problem

For those who have problems installing Minitab 16 from their purchased Minitab 16 CDs, please download and double click to run the file mtben1623mu.exe.

When prompted for the name of the License Server during installation, type in localhost. You do not need to assign a port number. After Minitab is done installing, move your minitab.lic file (located on the Minitab CD, e.g., D:\Minitab 16\License\MU\minitab.lic ) to the Minitab installed folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Minitab\Minitab16). Launch Minitab 16. Minitab asks you to specify the license file. Please locate the minitab.lic file where you saved in the Minitab folder.

Please contact the Stat/Math Center (812-855-4724) for further information.