Stat/Math Software available through IUanyWare

Beginning in fall 2012, the following software will be provided via IUanyWare without cost for the next three years to individuals, labs, departments, or schools:

Statistical software

SPSS; SAS* basic; Stata*; Minitab; Stat/Transfer*

Math and analysis

Mathematica; Maple; MATLAB*; Geometer’s SketchPad

Open source software

R (statistical and numerical analysis)

* package has limits  on the total number of simultaneous users

Extensive help for listed software will be provided via the Knowledge Base and by consultants at the Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing.

Any current IU student, faculty, or staff member with a valid network ID will be able to access these packages through IUanyWare.

Please contact the Stat/Math Center (812-855-4724) for further information.