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Image of Kosali Simon


Investigating Employer-Sponsored Insurance Trends in the US

Healthcare reform is in the forefront of public and political discourse in the United States…and with it the discussion of how Americans can buy and afford adequate healthcare. According to SPEA Professor Kosali Simon, even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act was signed into law last year, the trend of employer-sponsored insurance rates is declining at a substantial rate. Writing for the U.S. Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies, Kosali and her co-authors examine why these changes are happening and what we can learn about the implementation of health insurance reform. MORE »

Michael McGuire


What if Hurricane Katrina Hit in 2020?

Michael McGuire’s fresh perspective has been developed by approaching emergency management similarly to how he has approached areas of study such as economic development or rural development, taking the prospective of collaboration and networking. “That’s what I look at primarily in emergency management, the extent to which governments and other agencies can work together in the context of responding to disasters and planning for disasters.” MORE »