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SPEA Insights

(SPEA Insights is a peer-reviewed discussion of topical research by SPEA faculty and other experts)

Interstate Variation in the Extent of “Fracking” for Natural Gas: Insights from Public Opinion Research

by: John D. Graham, Michelle Lee, and Olga Schenk

Michelle Lee, Olga Schenk, John GrahamMichelle Lee, Olga Schenk, John GrahamSPEA’s Shale Gas Research Group is an interdisciplinary team consisting of faculty, graduate students, and staff who are exploring key questions concerning the future of unconventional gas development (UGD) in the United States and abroad. One puzzle we seek to solve is why some states in the U.S. have robust development efforts, while others have imposed official or de facto moratoria on the practice. In this issue of SPEA Insights, we address whether public opinion may explain some of these interstate differences.

PDF of the complete brief.

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