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International Consulting

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Careers in International Consulting

Management consulting (also called strategy consulting) refers to the practice of helping companies improve performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans. Management consulting usually involves the identification of best practices, analytical techniques, change management and coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development or even simply providing the advantage of an outsider's perspective. Management consultants generally bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing existing business tasks.

Management Consulting is becoming more prevalent in non-business related fields as well. As the need for professional and specialized advice grows, other industries such as government, quasi-government and not-for-profit agencies are turning to the same managerial principles that have helped the private sector for years. International NGO’s, multilateral organizations, global financial services, and governments are now employing consultants at a rapid pace. A combination of skills such as an economics degree or a public administration degree with international relations is increasingly a desired skill set sought by employers in this field.

Potential Employers

  • Active International - Provides problem-solving programs to transform underperforming assets into profits.
  • Aldiron Hero Group - Conglomeration of more than 50 companies based in Indonesia, with branches in Hong-kong, Japan, Singapore, and the US, offers a variety of trading information and partnership services.
  • Appletree Consulting, Inc. - Flexible business assistance and on site representation for national and international companies
  • Atlantica Group - Focusing on market expansion. Principals' biographies, services offered and representative projects.
  • Baltic Sea Business Initiative - An international business and economic advisor and consulting group, specializing in Cross Atlantic transactions between the US and the Baltic Region.
  • Beck International Inc. - Provides sourcing, design, inspection and technical assistance to importers or potential importers of gift items and printed products.
  • BHP Capital - Advisors to mid-market companies on international finance, acquisitions and cross-border joint ventures.
  • BXTC Consultants - Performs Economic Offset, Countertrade and foreign industrial programs for companies expanding globally.
  • Cassel International - Specializes in competitive and market research, cross-cultural communications training and business planning. Overview, principal profile and description of services.
  • Catharsys Group LLP - Partnership with a broad international reach, involved in many projects. Planning services addressing sustainability issues, environmental remediation, policy and economic analysis.
  • Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) - Provides specialized assistance to exporters from developing countries and to European Union importers. Information about programmes, competencies, clients, and employment and internship opportunities.
  • China Concept Consulting - Consulting services and publications for global businesses in China. Services include industry intelligence, business strategy, corporate diplomacy, risk management, and private equity.
  • China Strategies - Offers advice and information for corporations doing business in China. Services include entry strategies, implementation, and operations management.
  • Conacter - Specialises in trade, marketing and project management advisory services. Methodology, services, partners and job opportunities.
  • ConVerve - Aids smaller companies with the difficulties presented in establishing a presence abroad. Services description and contact information.
  • CPS Industrial Representatives GmbH - Agents of european producers, advice for industrial projects in the Middle East.
  • Crow & Soldier - American consulting firm offering product sourcing, manufacturing, and business license services to companies in the People's Republic of China.
  • CWC Gulf - UK consultancy with offices in Dubai and Muscat specializing in assisting clients to develop business opportunities in the Middle East, particularly throughout the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) States.
  • DC Consulting - Provides services to US environmental companies that are investigating or currently having projects in China. Has company portfolio, background and sitemap.
  • DEHeap Enterprises, Inc. - Provides incubation services to American subsidiaries of international corporations.
  • Dr. Carlo Porcheddu - Consulting Firm - Support to collaboration and co-operation between Italian and Bulgarian companies, specialists in the implementation of development business projects both in Italy and abroad.
  • Emergo Group Inc. - Specializes in medical device regulatory affairs, product compliance, and quality system implementation. Offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
  • Europartnership - European Central Bank official euro-partner offers consultancy on business strategies and other topics related to monetary union and currency transition.
  • Exante Consultora - Argentinian firm with information in English and Spanish about its consulting services in economics, finance and corporate business.
  • Expatriate Preparation - Providing a broad range of services related to HR globalization strategies and expatriate related issues.
  • Foreign-Trade Zone - Consulting firm that deals in specially designated US customs areas known as foreign trade zones. Includes biographies of principals and overview of services.
  • Gary Lim Consultancy - Helping companies export their products to Asian markets.
  • Global Services, Inc. - Primary focus in sales, trade, project and infrastructure financing. Background, principals' biographies and services offered.
  • Innova International Development - Provides consulting to government and industry in developing nations, in association with agencies like the World Bank, and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
  • Integration Consultants - German based international consulting company which provides technical assistance and training; experienced with the European Commission and German agencies.
  • Inter Foodtech - UK based snack food specialists, technical consultants, used machinery suppliers, and ingredients suppliers trading in the international market.
  • Interdigit-medica - Provides sales, marketing and consulting services to medical device companies seeking access to the European market.
  • International Advisory Services Group, Ltd. - Washington D.C. based import-export consultancy specializing in emerging and transitional market.
  • International Commerce Company - An international consulting firm dealing with exporting, importing, international business acquistions, finance, and other areas of international business.
  • Interstice Consulting - A multidisciplinary firm offering financial, legal, tax and business advice.
  • Intrix - Offers international business development consulting services with a focus on projects between North and South America
  • ITD Associates - Providing export licensing assistance, program development, and training pertaining to compliance with U.S. Government export regulations. Mission, staff biographies and contact information.
  • Joan Hansen & Company, Inc. - International licensing consultants.
  • John W. Milton and Associates Consultants Int - Consultation on all aspects of trade and investments in Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America.
  • Kazakis International - Export management and procedure audit consulting, seminars and training. Company and staff background, and overview of services offered.
  • Nightingale Associates - International management training and consulting in strategic planning, operations improvement, leadership, teambuilding and cost reduction.
  • Peduzzi & Company - Provides services for communications, energy and technology companies interested in expanding global alliances and partnerships.
  • Prairie Mountain Trading - International house dealing with import, export, marketing, manufacturing and sourcing.
  • Prisma Consulting - Offers advice on dealing with various parts of the European Union and explaining EU legislation with an effect on actual or would-be commercial activity.
  • Rich-Link Business Consulting Ltd. - Bilingual staff experienced in representing foreigners operating business in China, services include suggesting sites for investment, advising negotiations with the government.
  • Sequent Consulting LLC - Connecticut based management consulting firm which specializes in advising US and European companies on how to grow their business in foreign markets. Philosophy, services and case studies.
  • The Stern Group, Inc. - Trade advisory firm, providing services including resolving international trade and commercial disputes. Capabilities, publications, new and testimonials.
  • Stonebridge International LLC - Provides business development and problem solving services for corporations operating globally.
  • Sultan and Company - Provides discreet international, corporate investigations, business intelligence and private investigations to corporations and law firms.
  • Tatis Ltd - Solutions for revenue compliance, trade facilitation and security, especially for developing and transition economies.
  • Thomas McKaig International - Provides on-site trade management advisory and education services to small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Thunder Lake Management Inc. - Carries out trade policy and development work; tracks international trade through a newsletter of analysis, briefings, and forecasts; and prepares high concept ecommerce studies packaged with registered domain names.
  • UK Trade Advisory Services - Provides consultancy and support services to companies entering the UK market from the USA and Europe.
  • VenTenn Business Management Services - Offers support for USA-Venezuela trade. Describes capabilities.
  • Whitehouse & Associates - South African research and consulting company dedicated to the international trading environment. Background, client list and news.
  • Wonderful Rife Consulting Group - Business, financial, and tax consulting for companies doing business in China and Hong Kong.
  • YÖSIDA Management Consultants - Established to provide high quality management consulting services to Turkish and International companies.
  • Zisser Group - International trade lawyers, consultants and on-site management. Describes services and company background.