Undergraduate Religious Studies Association (URSA)

URSA Collage

URSA provides students with opportunities to socialize, and plan events with other students and faculty interested in religious studies. Students need not be religious studies majors or minors to participate in URSA. All undergraduate students interested in religious studies are welcome. For more information please contact the office, religion@iu.edu.

Upcoming URSA Events

The Undergraduate Religious Studies Association invites you to join undergraduate students and faculty in thought and discourse surrounding the study of religion. URSA will host the fourth annual spring symposium on March 29th and 30th, 2019. The symposium’s central aim is interdisciplinary conversation, so students from all academic backgrounds are welcome to participate. Abstracts and papers on all topics pertaining to the field are eligible. Final presentations should be no more than twenty minutes in length. Deadline extended: Abstracts due Jan 25, 2019. Submit materials and inquiries to Baker Nasser (president, URSA) at bnasser@iu.edu.

URSA Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Religious Studies Association (URSA), a group open to religious studies majors as well as non-majors, seeks to be a vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas among curious minds. By extending discussion outside the classroom, URSA hopes to enhance each student's educational experience. To this end URSA will work to connect students in dialogue, both among themselves and with the faculty of the religious studies department. URSA's aim is to provide a discussion setting that is not only educational, but also enjoyable, taking the form of public lectures as well as movie nights and faculty-led discussion lunches. Beyond the campus, URSA aspires to be a link to the Bloomington and Indiana communities by organizing field trips to places of religious and scholastic interest.