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Daniel O. Conkle

Robert H. McKinney Professor of Law, School of Law—Bloomington

Adjunct Professor, Department of Religious Studies

Law Building, Rm. 331


J.D., Ohio State University, 1979

Research Interests


A member of the IU faculty since 1983, I teach Constitutional Law, the First Amendment, and Law and Religion. My research addresses constitutional law and theory, religious liberty, and the role of religion in American law, politics, and public life.

As a teacher and scholar of American constitutional law and theory, I am especially interested in issues of religious liberty and related questions of law, ethics, and public policy. I have devoted considerable attention to legal and theoretical questions surrounding the religion clauses of the First Amendment. This constitutional language prohibits the "establishment of religion" even as it protects religious "free exercise." I have published numerous articles on this topic, as well as a book Constitutional Law: The Religion Clauses (Foundation Press, 2003). I also have published articles addressing non-constitutional, normative questions concerning the role of religion in American politics and public life.

In addition to my law school appointment, I am an adjunct professor of religious studies and a Nelson Poynter Scholar at the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions.


Courses Recently Taught

Publication Highlights


Constitutional Law: The Religion Clauses (Foundation Press, 2003)

Articles and Book Chapters:

"Religion, Politics, and the 2000 Presidential Election: A Selective Survey and Tentative Appraisal," 77 Indiana Law Journal 247 (2002)

"The Free Exercise Clause: How Redundant, and Why?," 33 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 95 (2001)

"The Path of American Religious Liberty: From the Original Theology to Formal Neutrality and an Uncertain Future," 75 Indiana Law Journal 1 (2000)

"Secular Fundamentalism, Religious Fundamentalism, and the Search for Truth in Contemporary America," 12 Journal of Law and Religion 337 (1995-96); republished in Law and Religion: A Critical Anthology, at 317 (Stephen M. Feldman, ed.; New York University Press, 2000)

"Professing Professionals: Christian Pilots on the River of Law," 38 Catholic Lawyer 151 (1998); republished in Religion, Morality and the Professions in America, at 9 (Indiana University Poynter Center Monograph Series, 1999)

"Congressional Alternatives in the Wake of City of Boerne v. Flores: The (Limited) Role of Congress in Protecting Religious Freedom from State and Local Infringement," 20 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Journal 633 (1998)

"Religiously Devout Judges: Issues of Personal Integrity and Public Benefit," 81 Marquette Law Review 523 (1998)


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