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Ashlee Andrews


Research Interests


Ashlee Norene Andrews is a Phd Candidate in the Religions of South Asia program. Her dissertation, entitled "Cooking the Home: Pleasure, Duty and Authority in Bengali Hindu Women's Domestic Rituals", is a transnational and intergenerational exploration of the ways in which Hindu women in both Kolkata, India and the United States embrace, contest and reimagine normatively "feminine" socio-religious roles and duties through the ritual labor they complete in their homes. To this end, in Summer 2014, she completed fieldwork in Kolkata, India, and will spend the remainder of 2015 completing fieldwork with Bengali families in the Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois areas. With this research, Ashlee hopes to provide groundbreaking insight into how Hindu women maintain and transform their religious traditions and concepts of gendered self across geo-cultural space and between generations. Prior to entering the PhD program, Ashlee earned her MA at IU, completing a thesis that explored the discursive representations of women's bodies and female sexuality in medieval Hindu Tantric Shakta texts.


“I am the Chief Priest of the Home: Duty, Authority, and Pleasure in Hindu Women’s Home Rituals in Kolkata”, in Local Cosmologies. Jeffery Tolbert, ed. Bloomington: Trickster Press, forthcoming.


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