Current Graduate Students

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Research Areas
Ossama Abdel Gawwad Ossama Abdel Gawwad
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Thur 2:30-3:30
Intellectual History of Islam & Contemporary Islamic Law
Shaheer Afaqi Shaheer Afaqi
Early and Classical Islamic Thought, Secular Studies, Modern Hermeneutics, Law and Religion, Socio-Legal Studies
Photo not available Brian Alt
Colton Ames Colton Ames
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours:
Mon & Wed 11-12 & by appt.
Greek and Roman Polytheism, Early Christianity, Religion and Pop Culture
Photo of Ashlee Andrews Ashlee Andrews
Sycamore Hall 222
Embodiment, Food and Gender in Bengali and Diasporic Hinduisms, more >
Photo of Joseph Bartzel Joe Bartzel
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours: 28W
African American religion and social change, religion and political radicalism, historiography of early Christianity, religion and art
Photo of Jacob Boss Jacob Boss
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Mon 2:30-3:30
Religion and Culture, Religion and Media, The Politics of Identity, Governance and Relationality, Virtual and Imagined Worlds, and more>
Photo of Nicholas Boyd Nicholas Boyd
Religion and Psychology, Contemporary Cultural Artifacts and Religion, Evangelical and Charismatic Christianity
Photo of Travis Cooper Travis Cooper
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours:
8W2--M & W 5-5:30 & by appt.
Religion in the Americas, method and theory in the study of religion, anthropology of religion, emerging North American evangelicals, more>
Allison Darmody Allison Darmody
Japanese religion, Japanese Buddhism, religion in popular culture, Buddhist hell
Photo of Jennifer Dubeansky Jennifer Dubeansky
Photo of Kristin Francoeur Kristin Francoeur
Contemporary Hinduism and Islam in South Asia, feminist critical theory, LGBTQIA+ advocacy and queer religious formations, more>
Rowena Galavitz Rowena Galavitz
Convent writing, mystical literature, sainthood, gender, and sexuality in late medieval Europe, early modern Spain, and colonial Latin America
Hannah Garvey Hannah Garvey
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Wed 2:00-4:00
History of Religious Thought & Ethics, Spanish Religious Identity; Miguel de Unamuno
Photo of Matt Graham Matt Graham
Hermeneutics; Concord and discord between theology and religious studies; Method in Religious Studies
Photo of Brian Hillman Brian Hillman
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours:
Tue 1:00-2:00 & Wed 2:30-3:30
Modern Jewish though, Jewish mysticism, more>
Amy Hirschtick Amy Hirschtick
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Mon 5:00-6:00
Religions of South Asia, Visual and Material Culture of Religion, Modern and Contemporary Hinduism, more>
Photo of Nai-Yi Hsu Nai-Yi Hsu
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours:
Tues & Thurs 10:00-11:00
Photo of Jennifer Kash Jennifer Kash
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours:
Mon & Thur 11:00-12:00
Religious ethics, virtue ethics, religion and American culture, bioethics, disability studies, gender and sexuality
Abby Kulisz Abby Kulisz
Christianity in Late Antiquity, Early Christian-Muslim Encounters, Syriac Studies, Gender Studies
Photo not available Hassan Lachheb
Photo of Christine Libby Christine Libby
History of Christianity, Late Medieval Mysticism, and Gender Studies
David Maldonado Rivera David Maldonado Rivera
Sycamore Hall 007
Formations of Orthodoxy and Heresy, Religious Dissent and Organization of Knowledge, Late Ancient Christianity
Jessica Merritt Jessica Merritt
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Mon 12:00-2:00
Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, South Asian religions, Sanskrit literature
Andrew Monteith Andrew Monteith
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours:
Mon 9:00-10:00 & Wed 3:00-4:00
American Religious History, esoteric religion, religion and Substance Use, more >
Gheorghe Pacurar Gheorghe Pacurar
Relations between Eastern Christianity and Evangelical Protestantism, church-state relations, social representations of religious minorities
Photo not available Tola Rodrick
Egyptian Monasticism, Coptic Language and Literature, Late Ancient Religious and Philosophical Traditions
Photo of Nicolò Sassi Nicolò Sassi
Late Ancient and Byzantine Christianity
Photo of Aziza Shanazarova Aziza Shanazarova
Religious history of Central Asia, Sufism, women in Islam
Maggie Slaughter Maggie Slaughter
Medieval Judaism and Christianity with focus on performativity, ritual, liturgical structure, pilgrimage and sacred space
Jonathan Sparks-Franklin Jonathan Sparks-Franklin
Sycamore Hall 0020
Religion and Critical Animal Studies, Continental Philosophy of Religion, Posthumanism and Subjectivity, Religion and Science
Photo of Dale Spicer Dale Spicer
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours:
Tue 12:30-1:30
Muslim biographical genres, Muslim legal and theological traditions, hagiographies, prophecy and pious figures, more>
Photo of Emily Stratton Emily Stratton
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours:
Mon & Wed 9:00-10:00 & by appt.
Contemporary African Christianities, Religion and the Economy, Religion in the Public Sphere, more >
Photo not available Syifa Mohammad Widigdo
Intellectual History of Muslim World and Comparative Religious Ethics
Photo of Meng Zhang Meng Zhang
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours:
Tue & Thur 2:30-3:30
Religious traditions in political and ethical thought within both Christianity and Confucianism