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Ossama Abdel Gawwad Ossama Abdel Gawwad
Intellectual History of Islam & Contemporary Islamic Law
Photo not available Brian Alt
Sycamore Hall 005
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 4:30-5:30
Photo of Ashlee Andrews Ashlee Andrews
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office Hours: Tue& Thur 4:45-5:45
Embodiment, Food and Gender in Bengali and Diasporic Hinduisms
Photo of Joseph Bartlett Joseph Bartlett
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours: Tue & Thur 9:00-10:00
Photo of Jacob Boss Jacob Boss
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours: Mon 2:30-4:00
Religion in the Americas, Identity, Gender, Sexuality, and Virtual Reality
Photo of Michael Butcher Michael Butcher
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours: Wed 2:00-4:00
Central Asian Greco-Buddhist culture
Photo of Layli Carsey Sarah Layli Carsey
Medieval Islamic intellectual history
Photo of Travis Cooper Travis Cooper
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours: Mon 2:30-4:30
Religion in the Americas
photo of Cheryl cottine Cheryl Cottine
3rd floor of the Poynter Center (corner of 3rd and Indiana)
Office hours: Tue 1:00-2:30
Comparative Religious Ethics; early Confucianism
Photo of Caren Crossen Caren Crossen
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours: Thur 1:00-2:00 & by appt.
Islamic studies and Arabic
Photo of Sarah Dees Sarah Dees
Religion in the Americas, Native American and Indigenous Religions
Photo of Jennifer Dubeansky Jennifer Dubeansky
Photo of Kristin Francoeur Kristin Francoeur
Photo of Diane Fruchtman Diane Fruchtman
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours: Tue 2:30-4:30
Middle Ages and the late antique Latin west, martyrdom, sanctity, community formation, and the imitatio Christi.
Photo of Aimee Hamilton Aimee Hamilton
Photo not available Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger
Amy Hirschtick Amy Hirschtick
Contemporary north Indian Hindu visual and material culture
Photo of Hassan Lachheb Hassan Lachheb
Photo of Christine Libby Christine Libby
Photo of Dana Logan Dana Logan
Religion in the Americas, Performativity, and Religion in the Public Sphere
David Maldonado Rivera David Maldonado Rivera
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours: Tue, Thur 2:00-3:30 second 8 weeks
Formations of Orthodoxy and Heresy, Religious Dissent and Organization of Knowledge, Late Ancient Christianity
Andrew Monteith Andrew Monteith
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours: Wed 2:30-3:30, Fri 11:00-Noon & by appt
Evangelical/Charismatic demonology, esoteric religion
Kate Netzler-Burch Kate Netzler-Burch
Sycamore Hall 0027
Office hours: Wed 4:30-5:30 second 8 weeks
contemporary American Christianity, evangelicalis, environmentalism, religion and politics, religion and culture
Jade Powers Jade Powers
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours: Thur 3:00-5:00
Art and religion in South Asian Hinduism and Islam
Photo of Bharat Ranganathan Bharat Ranganathan
Photo not available Tola Rodrick
Egyptian Monasticism, Coptic Language and Literature, Late Ancient Religious and Philosophical Traditions
Photo of Faraz Sheikh Faraz Sheikh
Jonathan Sparks-Franklin Jonathan Sparks-Franklin
Religion/Animals, Ecophenomenology, Ecotheology, Environmental Ethics, Ethical Vegetarianism
Photo of Dale Spicer Dale Spicer
History of Islam, Islamic law, Islamic adaptations to modernity
Photo of Emily Stratton Emily Stratton
Global Christianity/African religions, Pentecostalism in Ghana
Photo not available Syifa Mohammad Widigdo
Sycamore Hall 0020
Office hours: Wed 10:00-11:30 & by appt
Intellectual History of Muslim World and Comparative Religious Ethics
Photo not available David Wilson
Photo of Meng Zhang Meng Zhang
Sycamore Hall 005
Office hours: Wed 2:30-3:30, Thur 3:50-4:50
Religious traditions in political and ethical thought within both Christianity and Confucianism