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Photo of Constance Furey Constance M. Furey
Professor and Chair
Sycamore Hall 226/231 (Chair)
Office hours: Mon 2-3,
Tues 3-4
Catholic and Protestant Reformations; religious thought, literature, and community formation more>
Photo of Heather Blair Heather Blair
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 211
Office hours:
Tues 10:30-12:00
Pre-modern history of Japanese Religions, Buddhism and East Asian Religions more>
Photo of Candy Gunther Brown Candy Gunther Brown
Sycamore Hall 331
Office hours:
Mon 12:45-2:45
& by appt
Christianity; healing; alternative medicine; science; First Amendment; ethics; print culture; globalization more>
Photo of Laura Carlson Hasler Laura Carlson Hasler
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 203
Office hours:
Tues/Thurs 1:45-3:15
Texts, Textuality, and Historiography in Ancient Judaism; History of the Book; Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity; American Biblical Interpretation more>
photo of J. Kameron Carter J. Kameron Carter
Sycamore Hall 329
Office hours: Tues 10:30-12:00
Environmental studies, philosophy of religion, religion and literary and cultural imagination, American religions
Photo of David Haberman David L. Haberman
Sycamore Hall 215
Office hours:
Tues 2:00-4:00
South Asian arts and aesthetics, ritual studies, theories of religion, religion and ecology more>
Photo of Cooper Harriss Cooper Harriss
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 207
Office hours:
Mon 1:00-3:00
Religion in the Americas, Irony and Performativity, Religion and Literature, Race and Religion more>
Photo of Nur Amali Ibrahim Nur Amali Ibrahim
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 201
Office hours:
on leave
Islam in the modern world, Islam in Indonesia, pedagogy and socialization, Social movements, Religion and media more>
Photo of Sarah Imhoff Sarah Imhoff
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 223
Office hours:
Wed 1:00-2:30

Gender and American Jewish history, race and Jewishness, Rabbinic literature, American Religious history more>
Photo of Michael Ing Michael Ing
Associate Professor,
Sycamore Hall 225
Office hours:
Tues 1:30-3:00
Confucianism, Ritual Theory, Religious Ethics, Theories of Religion, Chinese Thought more>
Photo of R. Kevin Jaques R. Kevin Jaques
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 209B
Office hours:
By appt only
Islamic Studies, Religious Hermeneutics, Islamic Law and Theology, Medieval Islamic Legal History, Islam in SE Asia more>
photo of Rebecca Manring Rebecca Manring
Sycamore Hall 213
Office hours:
Wed 11:00-12:30
& by appt
(812) 855-6756
Asian languages and literature (Sanskrit, Bengali), religions of South Asia, formation of religious community, iconography more>
Photo of Patrick Michelson Patrick Michelson
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 333
Office hours:
Wed 1:00-3:00
Russian Orthodox thought, Modern Christian thought, European intellectual history more>
Photo of Jason Mohktarian Jason Mokhtarian
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 334
Office hours:
Mon 3:45-5:00
& by appt
Ancient Judaism, Rabbinics, Jews of Ancient Persia, Talmud in its Iranian Context, Ancient Iranian Studies more>
Photo of Richard Nance Richard Nance
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 221
Office hours:
Tues 2:30-4:30
Indian and Tibetan Buddhist history, philosophy, rhetoric, and ritual more>
Photo of Jeremy Schott Jeremy Schott
Sycamore Hall 209A
Office hours:
Mon/Wed 2:30-3:30
Religions of the Late Ancient and Byzantine Mediterranean and Near East more>
Photo of Steve Selka Stephen Selka
Associate Professor,
Sycamore Hall 205
Office hours:
Wed 2:00-4:00; & by appt
Religion, identity, and politics, identity and social movements, Brazil and Africa diaspora, urban anthropology more>
Photo of Lisa Sideris Lisa Sideris
Sycamore Hall 332
Office hours: Tues 3:00-5:00
Religious environmental ethics and religion and science more>
Photo of Aaron Stalnaker Aaron Stalnaker
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 219
Office hours:
on leave
Comparative religious ethics, Chinese and Christian thought, moral philosophy, theories and philosophy of religions more>
photo of winni sullivan Winnifred F Sullivan
Provost Professor
Sycamore Hall 217
Office hours:
By appointment
Comparative study of the intersection of religion and law, Anthropology of Law, European Union law more>
photo of Sonia Velázquez Sonia Velázquez
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 326
Office hours:
Tues 11:20-1:20
Relationship of beauty and holiness, Religion, secularization and modernity, Conversion narratives more>
Affiliated Faculty
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Research Areas
Photo of Asma Afsaruddin Asma Afsaruddin
Adjunct Professor
GISB 3041
(812) 856-7347
Islamic religious and political thought, Contemporary Islamic movements, Inter-faith relations, Islamic feminism(s), more>
Photo of Jamsheed Choksy Jamsheed Choksy
Adjunct Professor
GISB 3026

Ancient and modern Zoroastrianism, Islamic studies, history of religions more>
Photo of Daniel Conkle Daniel O. Conkle
Adjunct Professor
Baier Hall, Rm. 331
Religious liberty, religion and law, the role of religion in American politics and public life more>
no pic Devin A. DeWeese
Adjunct Professor
GISB 3030
(812) 855-2298
Religious history of Islamic Central and Inner Asia, Islam in Tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet Central Asia more>
Shannon Gayk Shannon Gayk
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall 468
Associate Professor, English
Director, Medieval Studies Institute
Photo of Paul Gutjahr Paul Gutjahr
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 470

American religious and intellectual thought, religious publishing more>
Photo of Patricia Ingham Patricia Ingham
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 451
Chaucer, Arthurian legend, texts of Medieval Romance more>
Photo of Alisha Lola Jones Alisha Lola Jones
Adjunct Assistant Professor
800 E. 3rd St, Rm 241
Music and religion in the African diaspora; gender and sexuality; music industry; more>
Photo of Edward Linenthal Edward Linenthal
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 708
Public history, studies in American memory, contemporary American religion, religion, war, and genocide more>
photo of herbert marks Herbert Marks
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 992
(812) 855-7935
Biblical studies more>
Emeriti Faculty
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Research Areas
photo of jim ackerman James S. Ackerman
Professor Emeritus Religion and literature of Israel and the Ancient Near East, Bible as literature more>
photo of james hart James G. Hart
Professor Emeritus Phenomenology, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology more>
photo of david smith David H. Smith
Professor Emeritus Religious ethics, theological ethics, medical ethics, ethics and philanthropy, teaching ethics more>
photo of stephen stein Stephen J. Stein
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus American religious history, early American history, new religious movements, American studies more>
photo of mary jo weaver Mary Jo Weaver
Professor Emerita American Catholicism, contemporary Christianity, women and religion, mysticism and spirituality more>