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Photo of David Haberman David L. Haberman
Professor, Interim Chair
Sycamore Hall 215
Office hours:
Tues 2:00-4:00
South Asian arts and aesthetics, ritual studies, theories of religion, religion and ecology more>
Photo of Heather Blair Heather Blair
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 211
Office hours: On Leave
Pre-modern history of Japanese Religions, Buddhism and East Asian Religions more>
Photo of Candy Gunther Brown Candy Gunther Brown
Sycamore Hall 331
Office hours: M 2:20-2:50, W 12:15-12:45,
and by appt.
Christianity; healing; alternative medicine; science; First Amendment; ethics; print culture; globalization more>
Photo of Constance Furey Constance M. Furey
Sycamore Hall 226
Office hours: Mon 1:45-3:30
Catholic and Protestant Reformations; religious thought, literature, and community formation more>
Photo of Cooper Harriss Cooper Harriss
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 207
Office hours: On leave
Religion in the Americas, Irony and Performativity, Religion and Literature, Race and Religion more>
Photo of Nur Amali Ibrahim Nur Amali Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 201
Office hours: TR 4:00-5:00 & by appt.
Islam in the modern world, Islam in Indonesia, pedagogy and socialization, Social movements, Religion and media more>
Photo of Sarah Imhoff Sarah Imhoff
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 223
Office hours: Wed 1:00-2:30

Gender and American Jewish history, race and Jewishness, Rabbinic literature, American Religious history more>
Photo of Michael Ing Michael Ing
Associate Professor,
Sycamore Hall 203
Office hours:
Tues 4:00-5:30
Confucianism, Ritual Theory, Religious Ethics, Theories of Religion, Chinese Thought more>
Photo of R. Kevin Jaques R. Kevin Jaques
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 209B
Office hours: Mon/Wed 11:00-12:30
Islamic Studies, Religious Hermeneutics, Islamic Law and Theology, Medieval Islamic Legal History, Islam in SE Asia more>
Photo of Shaul Magid Shaul Magid
Sycamore Hall 225
Office hours: On leave
Kabbala, medieval and modern Jewish philosophy, Hasidism, gender and religion, Jewish ethics, more>
photo of Rebecca Manring Rebecca Manring
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 213
Office hours: Mon 11:30-1
& by appt.
(812) 855-6756
Asian languages and literature (Sanskrit, Bengali), religions of South Asia, formation of religious community, iconography more>
Photo of Patrick Michelson Patrick Michelson
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 333
Office hours:
Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:30
Russian Orthodox thought, Modern Christian thought, European intellectual history more>
Photo of Jason Mohktarian Jason Mokhtarian
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 334
Office hours: Tues 3:30-4:45 & by appt.
Ancient Judaism, Rabbinics, Jews of Ancient Persia, Talmud in its Iranian Context, Ancient Iranian Studies more>
Photo of Richard Nance Richard Nance
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 221
Office hours:
Thurs 2:30-4:30
Indian and Tibetan Buddhist history, philosophy, rhetoric, and ritual more>
Photo of Jeremy Schott Jeremy Schott
Associate Professor,
Sycamore Hall 209A
Office hours:
Tues 2:00-3:00 & by appt.
Religions of the Late Ancient and Byzantine Mediterranean and Near East more>
Photo of Steve Selka Stephen Selka
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 205
Office hours:
Tues/Wed 4:00-5:15
and by appt.
Religion, identity, and politics, identity and social movements, Brazil and Africa diaspora, urban anthropology more>
Photo of Lisa Sideris Lisa Sideris
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 227
Office hours: Tues 3:30-5:00 or by appt.
Religious environmental ethics and religion and science more>
Photo of Aaron Stalnaker Aaron Stalnaker
Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall 219
Office hours: Wed 2:00-3:30 & by appt.
Comparative religious ethics, Chinese and Christian thought, moral philosophy, theories and philosophy of religions more>
photo of winni sullivan Winnifred F Sullivan
Sycamore Hall 228
Office hours: On leave
(812) 855-3531
Comparative study of the intersection of religion and law, Anthropology of Law, European Union law more>
photo of Sonia Velázquez Sonia Velázquez
Assistant Professor
Sycamore Hall 326
Office hours: Tues. 11:00-1:00
Relationship of beauty and holiness, Religion, secularization and modernity, Conversion narratives more>
Affiliated Faculty
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Research Areas
Photo of Asma Afsaruddin Asma Afsaruddin
Adjunct Professor
Memorial Hall M17
(812) 856-7347
Islamic religious and political thought, Contemporary Islamic movements, Inter-faith relations, Islamic feminism(s), more>
Photo of Jamsheed Choksy Jamsheed Choksy
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall 157

Ancient and modern Zoroastrianism, Islamic studies, history of religions more>
Photo of Daniel Conkle Daniel O. Conkle
Adjunct Professor
Law Building 331
Religious liberty, religion and law, the role of religion in American politics and public life more>
no pic Devin A. DeWeese
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall 343 (812) 855-2298
Religious history of Islamic Central and Inner Asia, Islam in Tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet Central Asia more>
Photo of Paul Gutjahr Paul Gutjahr
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 426

American religious and intellectual thought, religious publishing more>
Photo of Patricia Ingham Patricia Ingham
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 442
Chaucer, Arthurian legend, texts of Medieval Romance more>
Photo of Alisha Lola Jones Alisha Lola Jones
Adjunct Assistant Professor
508 N. Fess Rm. 205
Music and religion in the African diaspora; gender and sexuality; music industry; more>
Photo of Edward Linenthal Edward Linenthal
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 808
Public history, studies in American memory, contemporary American religion, religion, war, and genocide more>
photo of herbert marks Herbert Marks
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall 914
(812) 855-7935
Biblical studies more>
Emeriti Faculty
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Research Areas
photo of jim ackerman James S. Ackerman
Professor Emeritus Religion and literature of Israel and the Ancient Near East, Bible as literature more>
photo of james hart James G. Hart
Professor Emeritus Phenomenology, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology more>
photo of gerald larson Gerald J. Larson
Professor Emeritus Indian philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy of religion, history of religions, classical and Vedic Sanskrit studies more>
photo of david smith David H. Smith
Professor Emeritus Religious ethics, theological ethics, medical ethics, ethics and philanthropy, teaching ethics more>
photo of stephen stein Stephen J. Stein
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus American religious history, early American history, new religious movements, American studies more>
photo of mary jo weaver Mary Jo Weaver
Professor Emerita American Catholicism, contemporary Christianity, women and religion, mysticism and spirituality more>