Faculty lectures / Podcasts

Faculty lectures

Candy Gunther Brown, 2017

2017 President of American Society of Church History Candy Brown, presents her preseidential address, "Christian Yoga: Something New Under the Sun/Son".


Shaul Magid, March 2016

Professor of religious studies at Indiana University, discusses how Martin Buber sought to tie the teaching of Jesus and Chasidism together in a session entitled “When Christianity Defines Judaism.” JBS exclusive coverage of Limund NY 2016.


Shaul Magid, June 2016

Professor of Jewish Studies at Indiana University, discusses the remarkable life and peace philosophy of Israeli rabbi Menachem Froman, who worked with Palestinians. A program of Limmud NY 2016, “From Religious Zionism to Post-Zionism.”


Sarah Imhoff, November 27, 2015

As Jewishness has historically lay at the nexus of race and religion, this Osgoode Colloquium on Law, Religion and Social Thought talk by Professor Sarah Imhoff on Oct. 15, 2014 will explore historical moments when Jewish men stood accused of high-profile crimes. It will also explore what happens when conceits about a gentle Jewish manhood collide with the facts of crimes, and what that tells us about the power and endurance of images of gender, religion, and crime in the cultural imaginary.


Shaul Magid, November 2015

Over the past three decades much has been written about the perilous state of intermarriage in the American Jewish community and what, if anything, can be done about it. In this talk, Professor Shaul Magid (Indiana University) explores an earlier assessment of this dilemma in the writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, a radical American rabbi who founded The Jewish Defense League and later a radically right-wing political party in Israel. In the early 1970s Kahane blamed intermarriage on the liberal American Jewish mainstream, claiming it was the natural outgrowth of liberal ideology.

Stephen Selka, November 2013

"Our Lady of the Good Death: Afro-Catholicism and the Brazilian Cultural Heritage"
In this lecture, anthropologist Stephen Selka explores the rituals and practices of the Sisterhood of Our Lady of the Good Death, an Afro-Catholic lay organization in Bahia, Brazil that hosts a weeklong Feast of the Assumption. The annual celebration, which combines Catholicism with Candomblé, has grown as a symbol of Brazil's African roots heritage, attracting tourists and media.




Professor Shaul Magid on the future of Judaism in America on Judaism Unbound Podcast

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Professor Cooper Harriss talks about "The faith of Muhammad Ali"

Professor Cooper Harriss relfects on the similarities between sports fanaticism and religion at mark 15:00

Professor Cooper Harriss is interviewed on WFHB about Zora Neale Hurston


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