URSA Collage

Master's Degree

Our Master’s degree program is designed for students looking to engage in the academic study of religion beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students undertake the MA with a variety of goals; many aim to go on to a Ph.D. Others persue an MA to understand how religion informs and enriches the world, knowledge they can apply to other professional fields.

The Master’s degree provides a broad background in the study of religion, various religious traditions, and theoretical orientations in the discipline. Our existing areas of focus include:

The M.A. in Religious Studies is normally a two-year program. Students have to complete 30 credit hours and demonstrate reading proficiency in one non English language of scholarship. In order to graduate students must complete an approved revision of a research paper, between 20-30 pages in length (not counting endnotes). Please consult the University Graduate School Bulletin for detailed information about University and departmental requirements.

For information on funding please refer to the graduate funding guide.