2017 Graduate Student Conference

Presence and Absence
April 7-8

How do humans conceive and perceive of presence? Absence?

CFP: The Graduate Religious Studies Association at Indiana University invites abstracts for its interdisciplinary spring conference investigating the meaning of presence and absence in the human experience. We welcome submissions from all disciplines and fields, encouraging biological, psychological, linguistic, philosophical, historical, political, and literary responses to and understandings of presence and absence.
Abstracts due December 31, 2016.

We embark on this conference in light of recent scholarship addressing presence in the study of religion. How do we as scholars respond to these questions of experience across disciplines? We seek to facilitate conversations about the role that the transcendent has both as present and as absent in the human experience across all traditions and cultures.

The committee is pleased to offer modest travel awards for graduate students. These funds will be determined following abstract selections and distributed via reimbursement.

Below are a few themes we find intriguing which are by no means exhaustive.

Presence and absence manifest in:

As well as: