2015 Graduate Student Conference

Religion, Conflict, and Boundary Maintenance

"How do religious groups construct, manage, and police boundaries? What role does conflict play in the production of socio-cultural and religious identities? How do individuals and/or societies interpret adversity and mediate between competing concerns? We are interested in exploring the various avenues of religion where conflict can be found, whether that is a broad, theoretical exploration of the relationship between religion and opposition or a highly focused topic. If submissions allow for it, we would like to devote a subsection of the conference to the relationship between religious and social boundaries and idealized evil, especially in cases when that has developed as a form of demonology."

The 2015 Graduate Student Conference will be on the theme of "Religion, Conflict, and Boundary Maintenance" and include a keynote address by Professor Sean McCloud, of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, on American religions and religion and culture. This conference is a chance for students to showcase their scholarly work (and that of other, visiting students and faculty) in Religious Studies.  Faculty respondents provide brief analysis of the papers presented, and there is always lively discussion among participants.

You can find the full schedule here.