2016 Graduate Student Conference

Death, Dying, and the Undead: (Re)Conceptualizing Death and Religion

Keynote Speaker: Caitlin Doughty (The Order of the Good Death)

What is the relationship between religion and death? How does religion conceptualize death? Does the broadening of death as a concept to include non-humans facilitate a reconceptualization of the category within the academic study of religion?

The Graduate Religious Studies Association at Indiana University invites paper proposals for its 2016 graduate student conference, “Death, Dying, and the Undead: (Re)Conceptualizing Death and Religion”.

The goal of this year’s conference is to continue, critique, and extend classic discourses on death within the field of Religious Studies and to provoke deeper considerations of our categories and theories. Considering death from perspectives not usually found in Religious Studies will problematize traditional conversations regarding religion and death in an effort by the department to push the boundaries of these concepts. This conference intends an interdisciplinary discussion of the intersections between religion and death. We will provoke classic notions of religion and death with new scholarship. We encourage paper submissions that investigate death from a Religious Studies perspective as well as from other academic fields. Possible paper topics may include (but are not limited to):
• Religion and animal death
• Death in post-humanist frameworks
• Investigations of death as religious
• Religion and the afterlife
• Death in religious scripture
• Religion and violence
• Religion and immortality
• Religious death practices and rituals
• Religion and grief or mourning

Please send a 150-250 word abstract, an academic CV, and any questions to:
iugradconf@gmail.com by February 1, 2016.
We will notify applicants of acceptance or rejection by February 8, 2016

You can find the full CFP here