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Graduate Essay Contest

Deadline for receipt of all materials: 8AM, last Friday of March. All papers should be submitted in digital form (Word or PDF) to both the Graduate Secretary and the DGS.

In accord with established tradition the religious studies department holds an essay contest each spring. The contest is open to all graduate students, regardless of departmental affiliation. Prize of $100 will be awarded to the graduate winner.

Papers submitted for consideration need not have been written for departmental courses provided they deal in some direct way with issues pertinent to the study of religion. Criteria on which the papers will be judged by the undergraduate and graduate committees include clarity, focus, development of the subject or problem, use of evidence and sources, originality and creativity. One essay may be entered per student.

Graduate papers should be 15-25 double spaced pages. Please make sure your name, phone number, e-mail address, and class standing are clearly indicated on the front or title page only. Please number your pages.

2017 Winner:

Hannah Garvey: "Twin Pools of Accusation and Guilt: Derrida’s Cat and the Complexity of Bigger Thomas"