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Video 1

Introduction with Gwen Kelley

Thank you for visiting the site provided by PBIS-IN where we focus on a Culturally Responsive way of implementing PBIS.

No one argues about the value of parental involvement and the need for parents to be supportive of their children’s educational experience. Parental involvement strengthens student achievement outcomes and helps to ensure student success. When teachers know that parents are supportive of their efforts, it provides a great partnership that benefits both students and school personnel.

With a diverse population that is steadily increasing, most school districts and schools are working to help parents become more engaged in supporting their children’s success at school. This website offers some insights into what research describes as parental engagement trends.

Video 2

Overview of PowerPoints with Heather Ormiston, Timberly Baker, Jillian Haut, and Gwen Kelley

Reflections on Culturally Responsive Parental Engagement

The following questions are addressed in the video posted here. This video provides an overview of information gathered through our work with schools throughout the state, family surveys and focus groups findings, and research based practices.

  1. Why is parental engagement so crucial as school prepare to meet the needs of their students?
  2. Since we know it is so important, what barriers exist that schools still face?
  3. What are some things that schools can do to increase parental engagement?

Video 3

Closing Summary Discussion with Heather Ormiston, Timberly Baker, Jillian Haut, and Gwen Kelley

The following questions provide insight into some key ideas that help to summarize the PowerPoint presentations posted below. Information presented in this video during the discussion is based on our work with schools throughout the state, family surveys and focus groups conclusions, and current best-practice research trends.

  1. How can schools work to improve their communication with parents?
  2. What are some innovative opportunities that schools have used to meet with parents at convenient times and places?
  3. How do surveys and focus groups help capture family voices and concerns?

Audio Presentations

The following PowerPoint presentations are offered below as modules with information on working with parents/families through a culturally-responsive lens. All modules may be viewed separately and include audio voiceover.

Reflecting On Our Practice: Culturally Responsive Family and Community Engagement Matters
with Gwendolyn J. Kelley, Ph.D. Jillian Haut, B.S., and Timberly Baker, Ph.D. July, 2013

Module 1                Introduction
Module 2                Reflections on Culturally Responsive Parental/Family Engagement
Module 3                Understanding the Shift in Perspective from Involvement to Engagement
Module 4                Understanding Culturally Responsive Parental Engagement
Module 5                Gleaning Information from a Recent Survey
Module 6                Planning Specific Action Steps: At the District Level
Module 7                Planning Specific Action Steps: At the School Level
Module 8                Planning Specific Action Steps: At the Classroom Level
Module 9                Addressing Identified Barriers
Module 10              References (No Audio)
All Modules            Entire PowerPoint with Notes (No Audio)

Kelley, G. J., Haut, J. & Baker, T.L. (2013). Reflecting on our Practices: Culturally Responsive Family and Community Engagement Matters. Adapted from presentation at the Indiana Department of Education Disproportionality LEA Forum. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Resources from PBIS Indiana

Annotated Bibliography on Family Engagement Practices
Jillian Haut Poster Presentation - APBS
Lauren Shure Presentation - HEA1419
Reaching Hard-to-Reach Parents Presentation

Research Brief 1* – Parental Engagement: The Next Frontier: Culturally Responsive Practices – Gwendolyn J. Kelley and Jillian Haut
Research Brief 2* – Reaching “Hard to Reach Parents”  - Timberly L Baker and Jillian Haut

*available soon!

Additional Resources

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