Indiana University Bloomington

The majority of collections housed at the Archives of Traditional Music can be located using two catalogs:

IUCAT online catalog system

IUCAT is the online catalog system for Indiana University's main and regional campuses. IUCAT terminals are located in all IU libraries or via an internet web browser at Visitors to Indiana University's IUCAT system can conduct basic or advanced searches for ATM holdings. All ATM field collections and most of our commercial holdings are cataloged in IUCAT. The IUCAT system allows searches across multiple libraries in the entire Indiana University system. To restrict a search to the holdings of the Archives of Traditional Music, a user should select the ATM as the library in the IUCAT search dialog (see screen capture).


IUCAT Advanced Search Instructions


Archives of Traditional Music card catalog

Some commercial recordings cataloged during the 1980s are cataloged on cards only. The card catalog is located in the ATM listening library in Morrison Hall Rm 120. Reference staff can assist patrons with a card catalog search. For a complete search on a given topic that includes our commercial holdings, Archives patrons will want to consult both IUCAT and the ATM card catalog.