The following SLS courses are directly related to language assessment:

  • SLST-T500 (a) Web-based Language Teaching & Testing
  • SLST-T500 (b) L2 Program Evaluation
  • SLST-S503 Introduction to Statistics for Language Studies
  • SLST-T550 Language Testing
  • SLST-S600 Interface between SLA and Language Assessment
  • SLST-S700 Seminar in Applied Linguistics (Advanced issues in language assessment)

You may also want to take the following advanced statistical/psychometric courses offered from the department of Inquiry Methodology in the school of education.

  • EDUC-Y 527 Educational Assessment & Psychological Measurement
  • EDUC-Y 617 Psychometric Theory
  • EDUC-Y 604 Multivariate Analysis in Educational Research
  • EDUC-Y 627 Advanced Measurement
  • EDUC-Y 637 Categorical Data Analysis
  • EDUC-Y 639 Multilevel Models
  • EDUC-Y 645 Covariance Structure Analysis
  • EDUC-Y 655 Longitudinal Data Analysis