Spring 2018 LAL Reading Group Schedule

Meeting place: BH 807

Meeting time1:20pm – 2:20pm on Fridays (or 2:30pm on some Fridays when there is no SLS colloquium)

Discussion leading:

  • 01/19/18 – Yena Park: Duijm, K., Schoonen, R., & Hulstijn, J. H. (in press). Professional and non-professional raters’ responsiveness to fluency and accuracy in L2 speech: An experimental Approach. Language Testing. 1-27.
  • 01/26/18 – Amy Soto: Tigchelaar, M., Bowles, R. P., Winke, P., & Gass, S. (2017). Assessing the Validity of ACTFL Can‐Do Statements for Spoken Proficiency: A Rasch Analysis. Foreign Language Annals.
  • 02/02/18 – Senyung Lee: Cheng, J., & Matthews, J. (2018). The relationship between three measures of L2 vocabulary knowledge and L2 listening and reading. Language Testing35, 3-25.
  • 02/09/18 – Suchada Sanonguthai: Huang, H. T. D., Hung, S. T. A., & Plakans, L. (2018). Topical knowledge in L2 speaking assessment: Comparing independent and integrated speaking test tasks. Language Testing, 35, 27-49.
  • 02 16/18 – Jaesu Choi: Yalçın, Ş., & Spada, N. (2016). Language aptitude and grammatical difficulty: An EFL classroom-based study. Studies in Second Language Acquisition38, 239-263.
  • 02/23/18 – Dr. Shin: Kang, H. S., & Veitch, H. (2017). Mainstream Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives on ESL Writing: The Effects of Writer Identity and Rater Background. TESOL Quarterly51, 249-274.
  • 03/02/18 – Conference Practice Presentation(s), Jean for AAAL, Dr. Shin, Senyung, and Yena for LARC
  • 03/30/18 – Kimberly Wan: Thompson, G. L., Cox, T. L., & Knapp, N. (2016). Comparing the OPI and the OPIc: The effect of test method on oral proficiency scores and student preference. Foreign Language Annals, 49, 75-92.
  • 04/06/18 – Jaehyun Ahn: Harding, L. (2014). Communicative language testing: Current issues and future research. Language Assessment Quarterly11, 186-197.
  • 04/20/18 – Bihua Chen: Zechner, K., Yoon, S. Y., Bhat, S., & Leong, C. W. (2017). Comparative evaluation of automated scoring of syntactic competence of non-native speakers. Computers in Human Behavior76, 672-682.