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Fall 2017 Reading Group Schedule

Meeting place: BH 807

Meeting time1pm – 2:15pm on Fridays

Discussion leading:

  • 09/15/17 – Senyung Lee: Culligan, B. (2015). A comparison of three test formats to assess word difficulty. Language Testing, 32, 503-520.
  • 09/22/17 – Jaesu Choi: Vafaee, P., Suzuki, Y., & Kachisnke, I. (2017). Validating grammaticality judgment tests: Evidence from two new psycholinguistic measures. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 39, 59-95.
  • 09/29/17 – Suchada Sanonguthai
  • 10/13/17 – Amy Soto
  • 10/20/17 – MwALT Presentation Rehearsal (Amy Soto)
  • 11/3/17 –  Jean Chun

Spring 2017 Reading Group Schedule

Hi all! The language testing reading group schedule for this semester is as follows:

Place : GISB 2067 or GISB 2015 (subject to change)

Discussion leading:

  • 02/24/17 Senyung Lee: Revier, R.L. (2009). Evaluating a New Test of Whole English Collocations.
  • 03/24/17 Yena Park: Yan, X., Yukiko, M., Lv, J., & Ginther, A. (2016). Elicited imitation as a measure of second language proficiency: A narrative review and meta-analysis. Language Testing, 33, 497-528.
  • 03/31/17 Suchada Sanonguthai: Topic and background knowledge effects on performance in speaking assessment. Language Testing, 34, 23-48. & Ryan Lidster (1:00pm)
  • 04/07/17 Jean Youn Chun: Choi, I. (2017). Empirical profiles of academic oral English proficiency from an international teaching assistant screening test. Language Testing, 34, 49-82. (meeeting at GA 2015)

MwALT 2016 rehearsal presentations

Hi all!

For the upcoming  MwALT 2016 conference, we will have two rehearsal presentations in our lab meeting on Friday, September 23rd!

It’ll be at BH 016  from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.  Please mark your calendar! Jean and Claire will rehearse their poster presentation.

Senyung will give her rehearsal presentation at SLS colloquium on Friday, September 16th.

GURT 2016 at Georgetown University


We are at Georgetown university now in Washington DC for the GURT conference! (Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics)

The theme of the conference is “Useful assessment and evaluation in language education.” Suchada presented her paper ”
A Study of IELTS Washback on an English Immersion Program in Thailand” and Ryan presented his paper “Evaluating the Accuracy of Learning-oriented Assessments: The Case for Using Signal Detection Theory.”