Table of Knot Invariants

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Select knots you want tabulated. Specify crossing numbers. The letters a and n designate alternating and nonalternating knots. 12 crossing knots are grouped.
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11a11n12a (1-200)12a (201-400)12a (401-600)
12a (601-800)12a (801-1000)12a (1001-1200)12a (1200-1288)12n (1-200)
12n (201-400)12n (401-600)12n (601-800)12n (801-888)All
Names and descriptions. Please select the naming and notational descriptions desired. Names are linked to diagrams.
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Name Name Rank Alternating DT Name
DT Notation DT Rank Classical Conway Name Conway Notation
Gauss Notation PDNotation Braid Notation Two-Bridge Notation
Fibered Monodromy Tetrahedral Census Name
Three-Dimensional Invariants.
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Arc Index Braid Index Braid Length Bridge Index
3D Clasp Number Crosscap Number Crossing Number Determinant
Morse-Novikov Number Nakanishi Index Polygon Index Seifert Matrix
Small or Large Super Bridge Index Symmetry Type Three Genus
Thurston-Bennequin Number Torsion Numbers Tunnel Number Turaev Genus
Unknotting Number Width
Concordance and Four-Dimensional Invariants.
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Arf Invariant 4D Clasp Number Smooth Concordance Genus Topological Concordance Genus
Smooth Concordance Order Topological Concordance Order Algebraic Concordance Order Smooth Four Genus
Topological Four Genus Smooth 4D Crosscap Number Topological 4D Crosscap Number Rasmussen Invariant
Ozsvath-Szabo Tau-Invariant Signature Signature function Smooth Concordance Crosscap Number
Topological Concordance Crosscap Number
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Positive Braid Positive Strongly Quasipositive Quasipositive
Positive Braid Notation Postive PD-Notation Strongly Quasipostive Braid Notation Quasipositive Braid Notation
Polynomial Invariants.
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A-Polynomial Alexander Polynomial Conway Polynomial HOMFLY Polynomial
Jones Polynomial Kauffman Polynomial Khovanov Polynomial Khovanov Torsion Polynomial
Show polynomials as coefficient vectors
Hyperbolic Invariants.
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Volume Maximum Cusp Volume Longitude Length Meridian Length
Longitude Translation Meridian Translation Other Short Geodesics Full Symmetry Group
Chern-Simons Invariant
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