current exhibit


First Year Design Studio
Fay Jones School of Architecture
University of Arkansas

Studies in 4” x 4” - Investigating Louise Nevelson's "Night Zag Wall" (1969-1974, painted wood), students begin with a series of 4" x 4" studies, which record oppositions observed in the sculpture. Conditions of deep|shallow, regular|irregular, static|dynamic and others provide students with a compositional understanding of the complex piece.

Patterns - Using one of their 4" x 4" studies the students generated a pattern and translated it into individual layers by laser cutting them.

Layers - These layers are reassembled into new compositions where physical qualities of deep/shallow and positive/negative are explored.

3-D Models - Using 3-d modeling software, students built a digital version of "Night Zag Wall" and disassembled it into all of its parts. The students reassemble the parts of the sculpture model into new configurations that revealed ordering systems like grid, field, centric, radial, linear, pinwheel, and serial progression. The assemblages are on display reassembled into various configurations exploring the relationship of the part to the whole as well as scale.