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Hutton Honors College

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Attend Truman Scholarship Information Meetings. Details here.

Career Development Center presents informational events about applying to graduate school every Wednesday evening through October 5th. Details.

Freshmen! Read important information from your HHC advisors. Here.

Attend an informational meeting about the HHC Undergraduate Grant Program on Wednesday, 9/28 from 5:30-6:30pm in Fine Arts 015.

See Course List for FALL 2016 Honors Course Offerings here.

See Course Descriptions for FALL 2016 Honors Course Offerings here.

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Learn about the Shirey Art Collection at the HHC.

Campus & Other Announcements

We're looking forward to a great year of fireside chats, events with distinguished campus visitors, workshops, behind-the-scenes tours of campus gems, and more. In celebration of the HHC's 50th Anniversary, the extracurricular programming theme for the year is Many Worlds, One Globe. Programs will, indeed, range far and wide!

Coming Soon…

Nationalism, Fascism, & Dictatorship:
In Recent History and Current Times

Join Simon Levis Sullam of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Giulia Albanese of the University of Padova for an informal conversation about what the research they have done on the role of Italians during the Holocaust and on the rise of fascism and dictatorships in Southern Europe can teach us about our current world.
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Ethics for Breakfast: Disability Accommodations for “Non-Serious” Mental Illness

What obligations do schools, employers, and others have to provide accommodations and opportunities that meet the needs of individuals with “non-serious” mental illness? Who gets to decide whether mental illness is serious enough to warrant accommodations, and what would this look like on a practical level? Or should we even be making this distinction? Come for coffee, a croissant, and a discussion led by Brea Perry, associate professor of sociology, of ethical issues that can emerge in the treatment of some kinds of mental illness in the classroom, the workplace, and other situations.
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