The online modules were developed to provide teachers with easy access to high quality scholarship, primary sources, and web-based connections to five world regions. All the resources in the modules have been recommended by the area studies centers at The Ohio State University.

Please note only some of the resources are appropriate for middle and high school students.


The modules in this course are copyrighted. Teachers are welcome to use the resources in the modules but do NOT copy whole modules. Do not cite the modules in a publication or link them to another webpage without attribution. Please.

Reviews and Reviewers

The reviews were written by either classroom teachers or area studies specialists and express their points of view which are not necessarily the views of the Social Studies and Global Education Program.


Africa Elizabeth Akinbola,  Laura Joseph, Merry Merryfield

East Asia Masataka Kasai, Jui-min Tsai

Latin America Tim Dove

The Middle East Melinda Wightman

Slavic and Eastern Europe Aleks Kvasov, William Wolf

Global Topics Deb Hutton,  Jui-min Tsai,  Brian Winchester

Online Courses

The modules are the central resource for a 3 credit hour online course “Teaching World Cultures and Global Issues” that is offered by the Social Studies and Global Education program at Ohio State.


The modules were developed through the generous support of the Longview Foundation, Title VI, and Ohio State’s African, East Asian, Latin American, Middle Eas,t and Slavic and Eastern European area studies centers.

Improving the Modules

Websites constantly change and new resources are published all the time. Please let us know if links are not working or if you know of resources that should be included.