WELCOME to the new improved TeachGlobalEd.net

This site aims to provide K-12 teachers with easy access to high quality scholarship, primary sources, and web-based connections to five world regions, global issues and work in global education.

TeachGlobalEd.net is arranged in collections of resources we call modules. Click on one of the five world regions to see modules on history, issues, cultures and more. Other modules focus on global topics.

Although there is a search function, please note this site was designed to provide collections of resources on commonly taught topics for five world regions, global issues, and global education.  Explore the modules to envision the possibilities!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION We are working on developing links to listservs, professional development opportunities, articles and other scholarship, and RSS feeds that support global education.

If you have suggestions for additions to any section of TeachGlobalEd.net, email jorblume@iu.edu.

TeachGlobalEd.net is the product of collaboration between Indiana University’s Global Center, Ohio State University’s Social Studies and Global Education program with OSU’s African Studies Center, East Asian Studies Center, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Middle East Studies Center, the Slavic and Eastern European Studies Center.  The site is now under the ownership of Indiana University.