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2013-14 First Year Class2013-2014 First Year Graduate Student Class


In Memoriam: Kara Bayless

The student community in the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology comprises American and international students interested in diverse subjects and cultural areas.

There are two student organizations – the Ethnomusicology Student Association (ESA) and the Folklore Student Association (FSA). For more information, please see Student Associations.

Apart from department-based activities, students also participate in Bloomington cultural events such as Lotus World Music Festival, Lotus Blossoms, exhibits at Mather's Museum, and many more.

List of Current Graduate Students

Track Interests Year
matalley @ (Alley, Matthew) Ethnomusicology   MA
andersem @ (Anderson, Elise) Ethnomusicology
Dual degree with Central Eurasian Studies
Historical ethnomusicology; ethnographic research; comparative methodologies; intellectual histories; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Uyghurs, Xinjiang; Central Asia; Uyghur On Ikki Muqami (Uyghur Twelve Muqams); meshrep; maqam/muqam traditions; Uyghur diaspora. Access her profile here. PhD Candidate
kwbaer @ (Baer, Kurt) Ethnomusicology   PhD
subarber @ (Barber, Suzanne) Folklore & Anthropology China; animal welfare movement in China; human-animal studies; posthumanist theory; material culture PhD
gaberlin @ (Berlinger, Gabrielle) Folklore Material culture (vernacular architecture); vernacular religion; museums; heritage; Jewish and Native American ritual life PhD Candidate
brberry @ (Berry, Bret) Ethnomusicology Traditional musics of east Asia; organology; timbre perception, and music and cognition MA
dorberry @ (Berry, Dorothy) Ethnomusicology   MA
ebindler @ (Bindler, Eric) Ethnomusicology Popular music; globalization and hybridity; identity; Latin America and the Caribbean PhD
bryantem @ (Bryant, Emily) Folklore   PhD
mbuchbin @ (Buchbinder, Matthew) Ethnomusicology   MA
eburbach @ (Burbach, Elizabeth) Folklore & Anthropology   PhD Candidate
emmburke @ (Burke, Emily) Folklore   MA
cbuterba @ (Buterbaugh, Chad) Folklore Modern Irish storytelling; culture commemoration PhD Candidate
juancarr @ (Carrillo, Julián) Folklore Minority languages and cultures of Latin America; understudied aspects of northern Mexico folklore; cultural representation in public festivals; dynamics between folklore and nationalism MA
cchambli @ (Chambliss, Cassandra) Folklore    PhD Candidate
mcchen @ (Chen, Mei Chen) Ethnomusicology   MA
xc2 @ (Chen, Xiaohong) Folklore Material culture; folk arts; musuems; tourism; heritage preservation; Chinese cultural tradition and identity PhD Candidate
rchocano @ (Chocano, Rodrigo) Ethnomusicology   PhD
cclare @ (Clare, Callie) Folklore Material culture; automobile cultures; rural United States; Appalachia PhD Candidate
gcolom @ (Colom, Gloria) Folklore Material culture; vernacular architecture in the Caribbean PhD
tycooper @ (Cooper, Tyron) Ethnomusicology    PhD Candidate
ddalphon @ (Dalphond, Denise) Ethnomusicology Detroit techno; history and communication PhD Candidate
atdibaba @ (Dibaba, Assefa) Folklore Ethnography of resistance poetics, a folkloric, anthropological, and historical inquiry focusing on Salale Oromo folklore and resistance culture; Oromia/Ethiopia PhD
tjdolan @ (Dolan, Tim) Ethnomusicology Fiddle tunes; intellectual property; phenomenology; native ethnography; politics of revivalism; Canada MA
kgdowns @ (Downs, Kristina) Folklore Native American heroines in the United States and Mexico; immigration; Renaissance Fairs; Latin America PhD Candidate
permey @ (Ermey, Peter) Ethnomusicology Musica Caipira; Brazilian popular music (MPB) PhD Candidate
zestrada @ (Estrada, Zilia) Folklore Community narratives; animal-people; commemoration; activism; place, space, and display PhD Candidate
ttferdin @ (Ferdinand, Tricia) Folklore Intersection between literature and folkore; issues of nostalgia and nationalism; folklore and literature of Anglophone Caribbean PhD Candidate
jafiveco @ (Fivecoate, Jesse) Folklore Cultural construction and politics of identity, concerning transnational and transcultural identity formation, particularly Irishness; narrative, belief, memory, and the supernatural in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland MA
mhfoote @ (Foote, Monica) Folklore Summer camps; internet folklore; children's folklore; myth; epic; chanson de geste. PhD Candidate
kforgacs @ (Forgacs, Katherine) Folklore Vernacular architecture; material culture; the Caribbean MA
cfriesen @ (Friesen, Carina) Ethnomusicology Music and religion; identity; immigration and diaspora; West Africa (Burkina Faso) PhD Candidate
frischj @ (Frisch, Janice) Folklore Material culture; museum studies; textiles; quilts; dress and adornment; British history; American history PhD Candidate
afurry @ (Furry, Allison) Ethnomusicology & SLIS   MA
ggalarne @ (Galarneau, Genevieve) Ethnomusicology   MA
ndgibson @ (Gibson, Nathan) Ethnomusicology Popular music; social movements; recording industry; transnationalism; performance; identity; tradition; representation; nostalgia; audio archives and media preservation; United States and Northern Europe PhD Candidate
rvgonzal @ (González, Rachel) Folklore Gender and performance; linguistic theory and material culture; transnational and transcultultural identity formation; Mexican American/Mexican/ Latino identity in the United States and Greater Mexico PhD Candidate
gordonsm @ (Gordon, Sarah) Folklore Native North American oral traditions, particularly in Canada; ethnopoetics; the politics of ethnography and representation; testimony; cultural preservation and revitalization movements PhD Candidate
plguerre @ (Guerrero, Paulina) Folklore Women's occupational folklore; narrative; urban legends; urban fantasy fiction; Puerto Rican music PhD
aguestsc @ (Guest-Scott, Anthony) Ethnomusicology

Music teaching and learning; events oriented toward expressive encounters with cultural Others; the organization of musical experience; discursive formations and the history of ideas; an interactive and communication-centered approach to the understanding of culture and metaculture; instrument communities; popular music; dance; U.S. musical culture; the Middle East; the guitar

PhD Candidate
hadleyf @ (Hadley, Fredara M.) Ethnomusicology African American popular music; club culture; electronic dance music PhD Candidate
mlhale @ (Hale, Matthew) Folklore & CMCL Embodiment; material culture; posthumanism and object-oriented philosophy; visual anthropology; media reception and fandom; [inter]textuality; play and humor PhD
cmh2 @ (Harrison, Christina) Ethnomusicology   PhD
jlhemmin @ (Hemming-Austin, Jill) Folklore Public folklore; U.S., oral history; folklore as community mediation; material culture PhD Candidate
clhertz @ (Hertz, Carrie) Folklore Material culture, with special emphasis on dress and adornment; museum studies; folk art PhD Candidate
whimli @ (Himli, Waleed) Folklore   MA
hsu7 @ (Hsu, Hsin-wen) Ethnomusicology Institutionalization; Hakka studies; social and cultural theory; historical, ethnographic, and comparative methods; applied ethnomusicology; musics in East Asia (emphasis on Taiwan) and Nordic Europe (emphasis on Finland) PhD Candidate
sgodby @ (Ingalsbe, Suzanne) Folklore Religion; vernacular architecture; material culture; museums PhD Candidate
cdjacob @ (Jacob, Christopher) Ethnomusicology Ritual music; material culture; ethnographic filmmaking; public sector; Latin America MA
tlkaple @ (Kaple, Timon) Ethnomusicology Memory; nostalgia; place; traveling musicians in the U.S.; gender; American vernacular music; Nashville, TN PhD Candidate
mkawabat @ (Kawabata, Mitsuko) Ethnomusicology   PhD Candidate
jkay @ (Kay, Jon) Folklore Material culture; Indiana folklife; folk art and aging PhD Candidate
kennedme @ (Kennedy, Maria) Folklore Ethnography of media; agricultural and food issues; Catskills; rural Britain PhD Candidate
tklassen @ (Klassen, Teresa) Folklore Material culture studies; historical ethnography in the U.S.; quiltmaking; postcards; Native American tourist dolls PhD Candidate
gklotz @ (Klotz, Gregory) Ethnomusicology    PhD Candidate
katkuo @ (Kuo, Kathleen) Ethnomusicology   PhD
shaklars @ (Larson, Shannon) Folklore   PhD
alawton @ (Lawton, Arthur) Folklore Geometry and arithmetic in a pre-mensural world as the means to lay out and control architectural projects; transition in the Early Modern transatlantic world toward modern culture as played out in continental Europe and specifically in the liberal climate of William Penn's Southeastern Pennsylvania PhD Candidate
lee530 @ (Lee, Michael) Ethnomusicology Music, religion, and popular culture; Genre; United States PhD Candidate
weilee @ (Lee, Wei-Ping) Folklore Puppetry PhD Candidate
davdalew @ (Lewis, David) Ethnomusicology Music and medicine; Caribbean musics; music and gender; timbre PhD Candidate
chelo @ (Lo, Cheikh) Folklore   PhD
dlynn @ (Lynne, Denise) Folklore Applied folklore; medical folklore; folk belief systems; folk narratives in the United States PhD
pablmart @ (Martin Dominguez, Pablo) Folklore   PhD
minmarti @ (Martinez-Rivera, Mintzi) Folklore/Anthro Identity; performance; ritual; reciprocity; Indigenous people (P'urhepecha); Mexico, Latin America PhD Candidate
hfmcfadd @ (McFadden, Heather) Ethnomusicology Public practice and applied ethnomusicology; gender, health and healing; popular music; Latin America; Andes PhD Candidate
mcgriffm @ (McGriff, Meredith) Folklore Material culture with an emphasis on pottery and folk arts in the United States; embodiment and creativity; museum studies; public practice MA
jenmcken @ (McKenzie, Jennifer) Ethnomusicology   PhD
jmcrobbi @ (McRobbie, Josephine) Ethnomusicology Music collecting culture; representation and canonization; found sound; subculture; popular music; documentary film; archives and museums MA
reemoore @ (Moore, Rebekah) Ethnomusicology Music, nationalism, and social politics in Bali; music and indigenous (first nations) politics; Sámi of Northern Finland; popular music
PhD Candidate
ecmorale @ (Morales, Eric) Folklore Polynesian culture and heritage, focusing specificially on the Tahitian dance revival occurring in the United States; festivals; Chicano Studies; supernatural; folklore and the media PhD Candidate
semorale @ (Morales, Selina) Folklore Public interest folklore; community healing; espiritismo; material culture; museums PhD Candidate
jrnguyen @ (Nguyen, Jason) Ethnomusicology Vietnamese and Vietnamese American popular music; homeland politics; cultural performance; culture and heritage policy; traditional Vietnamese music genres PhD
aobryan @ (O'Bryan, Ann) Folklore   PhD
eobata @ (Obata, Emma) Folklore   MA
jorakwe @ (Orakwe, Jude) Ethnomusicology Church music in African culture; culture in African church music; interplay of religion and culture in African Church Music PhD Candidate
empalomb @ (Palombella, Emily) Folklore   MA
sepappae @ (Pappa-Eddy, Sara) Folklore   MA
jodmperk @ (Perkins, Jodine) Folklore Material culture; foodways; archives; museums PhD Candidate
dmraver @ (Raver, Debra) Ethnomusicology Lithuanian polyphonic songs MA
tgrichar @ (Richardson, Thomas) Ethnomusicology American vernacular music; old-time music; transnationalism; revivals; public folklore; African-American country music; Canada PhD Candidate
rrini @ (Rini, Rosalind) Folklore   MA
jsrojas @ (Rojas, Juan) Ethnomusicology Applied and public ethnomusicology; processes of folklorization; music festivals; music and politics; traditional musics; Colombian musics; Afro-Latin American musics PhD
ascharfe @ (Scharfenberger, Angela) Ethnomusicology West African music; Zimbabwean music; women musicians; advocacy; community PhD Candidate
schmadel @ (Schmadel, Fredericka) Folklore Ethnopoetics; intellectual history; medieval legends; folktales and legends; myth; migration of peoples; fieldwork; mysticism; American summer camp culture; Latin American folklore PhD Candidate
thschone @ (Schoneboom, Tiffany) Ethnomusicology   MA
katschra @ (Schramm, Katharine) Folklore Community ritual; intangible cultural heritage; vernacular religion; chidren's folklore; Okinawa Japan PhD Candidate
oshao @ (Shao, Oliver) Ethnomusicology   PhD
ecshephe @ (Shepherd, Elizabeth) Ethnomusicology   MA
arishiba @ (Shibagaki, Arisa) Folklore   PhD
slsingle @ (Singleton, Stephanie) Folklore Conspiracy theory; 9/11 Truth Movement; "9/11 was an inside job!" PhD Candidate
memasmit @ (Smith, Meghan) Folklore Lore of plants and mushrooms; water lore; sheep, shepherds, and wool; foodways; holiday and festival MA
sstanzak @ (Stanzak, Steven) Folklore Children's folklore; internet culture; medieval culture; saints' legends; vernacular religion PhD Candidate
shastock @ (Stockton, Shayna) Folklore   MA
melstric @ (Strickland, Melissa) Folklore Mythology and worldview; comparative mythology; myth and ritual; classical culture; Native North America MA
ktaborn @ (Taborn, Karen)
Ethnomusicology Hymns; cross-cultural phenomenon; representations of Black jazz vocalists; race and gender stigma management; performance theory; Native America PhD
dptartag @ (Tartaglia, Dominick) Folklore   MA
jeftolbe @ (Tolbert, Jeff) Folklore Legend and belief; the supernatural; Irish belief traditions; sense of place; folklore in popular culture PhD Candidate
kdtotten @ (Totten, Kelley) Folklore Material culture; creative learning communities - folk schools and DIY collectives; craft as social justice and public dialogue; experimental ethnography PhD
mtrogolo @ (Trogolo, Maria) Folklore   PhD
rdwalter @ (Walter, Richard) Ethnomusicology    PhD Candidate
kanywat @ (Wattanagun, Kanya) Folklore   PhD
wei2 @ (Wei, Xiaoshi Andrew) Ethnomusicology Digital preservation of intangible cultural heritage PhD Candidate
michwiat @ (Wiatrowski, Myc) Folklore Critical ethnography; folklore and the politics of identity; health and illness; human rights; internet folklore; narrative; popular culture; public folklore PhD
rmwiggin @ (Wiggins, Raynetta) Ethnomusicology   PhD
wilkinsl @ (Wilkins, Langston) Ethnomusicology   PhD Candidate
shapwill @ (Williams, Shaun) Ethnomusicology   MA
kmwillse @ (Willsey, Kristiana) Folklore Narrative and oral performance; fairy tales and feminist folklore; intertextuality; folklore and nationalism; theories of collection and consumption PhD Candidate
brwohang @ (Wohangara, Bernardus) Folklore   PhD Candidate
bwoma @ (Woma, Bernard) Ethnomusicology   MA
woodsmj @ (Woods, Miriam) Folklore Material culture; body art and adornment; clothing; tourism; intangible cultural heritage; Central Asia; Turkey; Iran; Tajikistan MA
piwu @ (Wu, Piin-shiuan) Ethnomusicology Music, place, and history; genre and aesthetics; memory culture and nostalgia; film and music; travel writing; historiography PhD Candidate
syetgin @ (Yetgin, Sultan) Folklore   PhD Candidate
myonezu @ (Yonezu, Masatomo) Ethnomusicology Cultural change; rituals; censorship; East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania); Swahili; Mijikenda MA
youngmia @ (Young, Michael) Ethnomusicology Music and national identity; anthropology of postsocialism and EU integration; cultural performance; Poland and the former Soviet Union; East European state folklore ensembles; nationalism and sport; popular cultures and the culture industries PhD Candidate
lijzhang @ (Zhang, Lijun) Folklore Cultural Heritage; tourism; performance and space; folklife; China and East Asia PhD Candidate
azolkove @ (Zolkover, Adam) Folklore Folk narrative; race and gender theories; history of folklore; 19th century U.S.; Medieval Europe PhD Candidate