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Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
John Bodnar
Chancellor's Professor
of History

Ballantine 742

Oral and public history; modern United States

Judah Cohen
Associate Professor of Musicology and Jewish Studies
Lou and Sybil Mervis Professor of Jewish Culture

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Simon Center, Room M145K

Music in Jewish life; American music; musical theater; popular culture; Caribbean Jewish history; diaspora; medical ethnomusicology
Raymond J. DeMallie Jr.
Chancellor's Professor of Anthropology
Director of the American Indian Studies Research Institute

422 N. Indiana

Kinship and social organization; ritual and belief systems; oral traditions; material culture; Plains Indians; North America
Jane Goodman
Associate Professor of Communication and Culture

800 E. Third

Ethnography of texts; performance studies; diasporas; North Africa; France
Stephanie Kane
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Sycamore 302

Ethnography of water; environmental justice; art and social activism; cultural criminology; urban studies; Central and South America, Caribbean, United States 

Javier F. León Popular music; culture industries and neoliberalism; intangible cultural heritage policy; African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean; musics of the Andean region; music and nationalism
Susan Lepselter
Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture
800 E. Third 285
Poetics of popular media and everyday life in contemporary American culture, focusing particularly on captivity narratives, themes of gender and class, and discourses of memory and trauma in American social life
Iris Rosa
Associate Professor of African American and African Diaspora Studies

Memorial East M-22

Modern dance; jazz and ethnic dance; teaching and choreography
Anya Peterson Royce
Chancellor's Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Literature

Student Building 046

Anthropology of dance and performing arts; aesthetic theories; cultural and ethnic identity; food culture; death and grieving; Isthmus Zapotec of Juchitan; Mexico

Eric Sandweiss
Carmony Chair Professor of History
Ballantine Hall 822
Cultural landscape studies; Urban history; Architecture; Public history and museums; Visual culture; American popular music; Indiana
Susan Seizer
Associate Professor of Communication and Culture

800 E. Third 241

Live performance; stand-up comedy in the U.S.; popular theater in South India; stigma theory; humor theory; queer theory; ethnographic narrative; ethnographic field methods

Stephen Stuempfle
Executive Director, Society for Ethnomusicology

Morrison 005

Traditional arts in the Caribbean; Caribbean history; colonialism and nationalism; museums
Charles Sykes
Director, African American Arts Institute

Neal-Marshall 310

African-American popular music; arranging; performance and analysis