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Suggested Readings » Folklore : Theory and Method

A. Textbooks, general works

Bascom, William Russell ed. Frontiers of Folklore. Westview, 1977.

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Oring, Elliott. Folk Groups and Folk Genres: A Reader. Utah State University, 1989.

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B. Anthologies, collections of essays

Abrahams, Roger and Richard Bauman eds. "And Other Neighborly Names:" Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore. University of Texas, 1981.

Bascom, William ed. African Art in Cultural Perspective; An Introduction. W. W. Norton, 1973.

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C. Theory and technique

Abrahams, Roger. Everyday Life: A Poetics of Everyday Practices. University of Pennsylvania, 2005.

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D. History of folkloristic thought

Bauman, Richard and Charles Briggs. Voices of Modernity: Language Ideologies and the Production of Social Inequality. Cambridge: Cambridge University, 2003.

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E. Public arts and culture

Bauman, Richard, Patricia Sawin, and Inta Carpenter. Reflections on the Folklife Festival: An Ethnography of Participant Experience. Special Publications of the Folklore Institute, no. 2, 1992.

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F. Ethnography and fieldwork

Alver, Bente. Creating the Source through Folkloristic Fieldwork: A Personal Narrative. Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1990.

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