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Public Practice Concentration in Folklore and Ethnomusicology

The Department offers a Public Practice Concentration in Folklore and Ethnomusicology. Public folklorists and applied ethnomusicologists draw upon their disciplinary training and knowledge to help communities address cultural concerns and social problems. Often working as respectful collaborators, these scholars have forged inroads into a variety of public spheres, including the arts, historic preservation, musuems, archives, law, public health, medicine, social work, gerontology, music production, documentary arts, heritage tourism, cultural policy, conflict resolution, labor rights, and other related fields.

Any MA or PhD level graduate student in the Department, and PhD minors from other departments, are eligible to pursue this concentration.

The concentration will consist of 4 classes for a total of 12 credits. Requirements are:

  1. F532 Public Practice in Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  2. F803 Practicum (3 crs.)
  3. 2 approved elective courses offered in the Department

An in-house faculty committee consisting of professors from ethnomusicology and folklore, working with the Graduate Recorder, will oversee all aspects of the concentration and advise students on courses, signing off on the practicum and electives that are to fulfill this requirement. Students should seek the advice and signature of a member of the in-house committee during the period of advising, prior to signing up for classes. A sheet for the required classes, with the appropriate signatures, will be created and maintained in the student’s file.

Upon successful completion of this program of courses, a member of the committee will add a letter to the student's permanent file indicating successful completion of the concentration. This letter will describe the concentration's scope and purpose and a copy of this letter will be provided to the student for inclusion in portfolios, internship and job application packets, and for similar purposes.