LCD projectors are available. We currently support both SVGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768) resolutions. We strongly recommend an in-class demonstration prior to your use so that set up options, placement in room, light control options, etc. are checked out in advance.

Due to security issues thes units must either be delivered to a secure office or picked up from and returned to our office in Franklin Hall immediately before and after scheduled class use.

TroubleShooting Tips
Problem Check
No Power.
  • Is the power cord connected to the laptop; from laptop to wall outlet>
  • Is the laptop plugged into a cart? Is the cart plugged into a wall outlet?
  • Is the wall outlet controlled by a wall switch?
No image appears vie the data projector.
  • Turn on data projector before turning on laptop
  • Press fn and F8 key
Cannot connect to the network (ADS is unavailable)
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable labeled "Wall" is connected to the data jack.
If your problem is not listed or none of the suggestions work, please call 855-8765 option 3