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Application Process

You have decided to apply to join the Contemporary Dance Program at IU. This is an excellent choice as the IU Contemporary Dance Program students are encouraged to seek their own venue for expression, such as performance, choreography, teaching, production or scholarship, and prepare for a successful career in the professional and academic field of dance.

Dancers spelling the word Hoosiers.

In order to be accepted into this program you must do two things:

  1. Fill-out the online DANCE MAJOR AUDITION and APPLICATION FORM, and
  2. Apply to become a student at Indiana University. The steps are listed below. NOTE: Under Intended Program and Plan, please select Arts and Sciences.  Under Academic Plan, please select Theatre and Drama, as dance is not showing up yet in this drop box.  If accepted, you will be able to enroll in the BFA in Dance upon enrollment at Indiana University.


You may apply early to become a Contemporary Dance student by completing our online application form. Online application and audition registration through ACCEPTD opens in Mid-August. Check back to this page to find the ACCEPTD link.  In the meantime please prepare the following materials which will be required for the ACCEPTD online application. Upon submission via ACCEPTD, and based on the review of the following materials you will be notified if you are accepted to participate in the audition: 

  1. Chronological list of dance training and dance performances from most recent to 8th grade.

  2. One letter of recommendation from a dance mentor, teacher or dance professional you have worked closely with who can write about your strengths and growth as a dancer.

  3. A thirty second video clip of yourself dancing in class or in a performance. Please tag yourself if you are in a large group.

  4. A written personal statement that addresses the following:

    1. Describe a dance performance you witnessed that inspired you.
    2. What are some of the differences in approach between competitive or commercial dance and artistic contemporary dance?
    3. What is a correction you have received from a dance teacher and how have you addressed it in your dance training?
    4. What other fields of interest (for example visual art, social and community service, international studies, literature, science, film, the natural world, etc.) influence you as an artist? Describe one and how it impacts you as a dancer.  


You may review our current RECRUITMENT BROCHURE. If you have any other questions about the program or the online application process (REMINDER: Online application form will be available starting in Mid-August from this web page) you may contact:

Scott Jones, Audition Liaison
Lee Norvelle Center
275 N. Jordan Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 856-4024application photo 1

STEP 2. Apply to Become A Student at Indiana University

Open the Office of Admissions Website to explore becoming a student at Indiana University. To apply to IU online, click Online Undergraduate Admissions Application. This link will open in a new window. called the eApp - Online Admissions Application.You will need to create an account for yourself and then fill-out the online application form.

If you have questions about applying to the University, please contact the Office of Admissions. You can locate your admissions advisor by using this map.

IU Contemporary Dance | Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance | Lee Norvelle Center, 275 N. Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405 | (812) 855-7020application photo 2

Link to IU Contemporary Dance Facebook Group  Image for linking to IU Contemporary Dance Picasa page.   YouTube graphic for linking to IU Contemporary Dance YouTube Channel.