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Cancelled: Collier Brown

Leaving Them with Less: A Case for Limiting the Edition

Host: CIPS

Friday October 26, 2018 5:00 PM

Radio-TV 245, Indiana University

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule Collier soon.

Collier Brown is an internationally-recognized photography critic and poet. Founder and editor of the Od Review, Brown also works as coeditor for Edition Galerie Vevais (Germany) and 21st Editions (Massachusetts). He serves regularly as juror for the International Photography Awards and Moscow International Foto Awards. Brown lives in Boston where he is currently a Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University.

In 1999, the Wall Street Journal described 21st Editions as following “in Alfred Stieglitz’s footsteps.” Stieglitz’s groundbreaking journal, Camera Work (1903-17) elevated photography to a fine art, an equal of painting and sculpture. 21st Editions (1998-present) picked up where Stieglitz had left off and indeed surpassed it in developing the art of the book.

The legacy and mark of 21st Editions is impossible to ignore as a present and future point in the history of photography and in the art of the book as it relates to the presentation and marriage of the word, image and artisan binding. The eighty-five plus prestigious museums and special collections libraries that own selections of these titles speak to that fact.

Image from Colour, Robert Farber | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe