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Why Azerbaijani? 
  • Azeri is a fun and not-so-ordinary language to learn.  Azeri was once considered the
    lingua franca of the Caucasus and Asia.  Today, it is one of the more widely spoken
    languages in the South Caucasus and the Middle East.
  • Birthplace of the prophet of Zoroaster and known as the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan's
    history and culture are intertwined with the history of the great empires.  Because
    of its strategic location and mineral resources, Greek, Roman, Arab, Persian,
    Ottoman and modern European powers have always challenged each other for
    gaining dominance over Azerbaijan.
  • Strategically and geopolitically, Azerbaijan is situated in an important region of the
    world. Azerbaijan possesses one of the world's largest petroleum reserves and is
    located on the east-west corridor for transporting the Caspian Sea's natural gas and
    petroleum to world markets.  The worlds' largest petroleum and financial companies
    are actively involved in investing in new geological explorations in Azerbaijan.  There
    are numerous opportunities for individuals who seek employment with the international
    companies in the region.
Where is Azerbaijani Spoken? 
There are 40 million speakers of Azeri, also known as Azerbaijani, in the world.

Seven and half million speakers of this language live in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The great majority of Azerbaijanis, close to 25 million, live in the northwest part of Iran in a region known as Southern Azerbaijan. There are also close to two and a half million Azerbaijanis in Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Republics. Close to 750,000 Azerbaijanis reside in the western hemisphere and several millions live in Turkey, Iraq
and Afghanistan.


Where Can I Study Azerbaijani? 

There are 40 million speakers of Azerbaijani, also known as Azeri, in the world.

Studying in another country is consistently cited as one of the most enjoyable and valuable
experiences students can have during their college years. Indiana University encourages
students in all schools and majors to have a study abroad experience.

While IU offers no formal Azeri language abroad program, The Office of Overseas Study can
help undergraduates find and apply to an accredited program. Graduate students should
contact their departments for more information on overseas study opportunities.

How Can I Pay for Travel and Study Abroad?
For undergraduate students, most
IU financial aid can be applied to IU administered and
co-sponsored Overseas Study programs. Check with the Office of Overseas Study for
complete information. For non-IU programs financial aid may be applicable; students
should contact the Office of Overseas Study for information and applications. Other
opportunities include:

the Honors College Edward L. Hutton International Experiences Travel Grants,
Center for International Business Education Research grants
and federal financial aid.

Graduate students can contact the GradGrants Center as well as apply for,
International Enhancement Grants,
Center for International Business Education Research grants
and federal financial aid.


Fulfilling the College's Language Requirement with Azerbaijani 

Azeri is not always taught on a regular basis during the academic year, or through the fourth semester.
If you wish to fulfill your College of Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Requirement with this language,
please contact the department to determine the availability of classes before starting the sequence.

Azeri can be used to fulfill part of the language requirements of the International Studies major.

First Year Azeri *

  • Elementary Azeri I
  • Elementary Azeri II

Second Year Azeri *

  • Intermediate Azeri I
  • Intermediate Azeri II
* Azeri is offered during the summer at the...
Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages (SWSEEL).

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