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Gilmore Papers


A Harvest Home Ceremony Of The Arikara

Account Of The Ceremony For Comforting Mourners

Account Of The Piraskani Ceremony At Armstrong, ND

Account Of The Piraskani Ceremony Of The Arikara

An Account Of The Opening And Retying Of Sacred Bundles

An Arikara Household Shrine To Mother Corn

An Old Buffalo Drive on the Prairie East of Elbowoods the Agency of Ft Berthold Indian Reservation North Dakota

Arikara Account Of The Origin Of Tobacco And Catching Of Eagles

Arikara Agriculture

Arikara Basketry

Arikara Ceremonies

Arikara Fish-Trap

Arikara Genesis And Its Teachings

Arikara Order of Butchering a Buffalo

Arikara Origin Myth

Arikara Units Of Measure

Arikara Uses Of Clay And Of Other Earth Products

Buffalo Skull From The Arikara

Capturing Eaglets in the Aerie

Glass Bead Making Of The Arikara

Information on the Divine Gift of Corn to the Arikara and of Ceremonies of Religious Worship when the Hukawirat Sacred Bundle is Opened

Letter to Dr Gilmore

Making Records of Ancient Rituals of the Arikara Tribe in North Dakota

Note on Arikara Tribal Organization

Notes From Info on Ceremonies of Mother Corn

Notes on Intertribal Commerce

Notes on Manufactures and Intertribal Trade

Notes on Porcupine Quillwork

Old Arikara Method of Butchering a Buffalo

Plight of Living Scalped Indians

Records Made of Ancient Ceremonies of the Arikara Indians

Religious Teaching And Training Of Arikara Children

Some Aboriginal Uses of Plants

Some Games of Arikara Children

Taming of Wild Animals

The Arikara Code of Eagle Feather Honor Badges

The Arikara Consolation Ceremony

The Arikara Method of Preparing a Dog

The Arikara Tribal Temple

The Cattail Game of the Arikara

The Ground Bean

The Making of a New Head Chief by the Arikara

The Sacred Bundles of the Arikara

The Sage Dance of the Arikara

Uses of the Cattail by the Arikara Indians

Valor Badge Awarded to a Woman in the Arikara Nation