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About CDEL

Songs of Red Star and Crow GhostThe Center for the Documentation of Endangered Languages supports the American Indian Studies Research Institute through the preservation of unique anthropological material, archiving a broad range of Native American material including field recordings, videos and photos, educating Institute Associates in contemporary digital recording techniques and recording events including powwows, vocabulary, interviews and story-telling. We assist the broader academic community by providing access to the Center's extensive collection of Native American material, aural/video editing and recording education. The CDEL collection includes more than 2000 hours of audio and video field recordings digitally archived in accordance with Harvard/IU Sound Directions Initiative and AES standards and disseminated in accordance with tribal protocol. Interested parties should contact AISRI for information regarding access to the collection.

Current projects include:

  • Digitizing and archiving approximately 600 hours of tapes from the
    Alfred W. Bowers Collection. (Mandan and Hidatsa).
  • Preparing approximately 40,000 tokens for the Online Pawnee Dictionary.
  • Digitizing and archiving 28 videotapes of various Nakoda, Hidatsa and Mandan speakers.
  • Transcribing Alfred Morsette's songs into Western Notation.

A partial list of CD releases includes:

The Arikara Music Collection
  • Vol. 1: Songs of Red Star and Crow Ghost sung by Alfred Morsette Sr.
  • Vol. 2: Kettle Dance Songs and Pawnee Songs
  • Vol. 3: Appreciation, Furlough, Kick Dance, Round Dance and Handgame Songs
  • Vol. 4: Crazy Dog, Doorway and Fox Songs
  • Vol. 6: Songs of the Arikara Drum sung by Keith Price
  • Vol. 7: Military Honoring Songs 1 sung by Dan Howling Wolf
  • Vol. 8: Military Honoring Songs 2 sung by Dan Howling Wolf
  • Vol. 9:
  • Vol. 10: Arikara Sounds Sung by Laidman Fox
  • Vol. 11: Ceremonial Songs by George Howard
Arikara Sacred Music Collection
  • Arikara Hymns sung by Florence White
Arikara Medicine Songs
  • George Lewis Medicine Songs
Arikara Narratives
  • Traditional Arikara Narratives as told by Alfred Morsette Sr.
  • Arikara Stories as told by Ella Waters
  • Arikara Stories as told by Lillian Brave
  • Stories and Songs by Mary Gillette
  • Elanor Chase Narratives